Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Introduces New Software Featuring WebRTC Technology

Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina recently introduced the company’s newest software which features WebRTC technology. The new computer program which facilitates sophisticated real-time communications is an updated version of Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings software. The new version has an updated interface, plus it uses the popular WebRTC system. Live Meetings lets people hold video-based conferences and transmit one-way videos. It offers a seamless, convenient method for arranging meetings or presentations. Live Meetings supports up to 15 hosts as well as 500 participants using tablets, smartphones and PCs.


Live Meetings uses recording technology which doesn’t need a separate download. It can be accessed by users through their web browsers. It’s convenient, saves time and improves compatibility because users don’t need Adobe Flash Player or other plug-in software. Talk Fusion embraces sophisticated modern technologies, remains in the vanguard of WebRTC involved software development and attracts new Video Suite and Live Meetings users through the newest promotional methods. Reina calls the value of WebRTC technology unmatched and is committed adding it to all Talk Fusion software applications.


WebRTC can help average computer users and marketing professionals and lets users communicate by voice with any modern browser. It dramatically improves both audio and video communication, improves efficiency, eliminates hassles and can streamline the setup process through eliminating plug-in downloads. The new Live Meetings software provides sharp video, clear audio, can be easily used by beginners and maximizes device security for users. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat and Live Meetings both use WebRTC technology. Talk Fusion products are available in 135 countries.


Bob Reina attended college in Florida. He was also a police officer there for several years. Reina became involved in network marketing to earn extra income. He eventually left the police force and focused on network marketing full time. Bob Reina came up with the Talk Fusion concept in 2004. Collaborating with Jonathan Chen, Reina helped to develop the Video Mail program, Talk Fusion’s first product. Three years later he launched Talk Fusion. And for 10 years, the company has been continually introducing excellent new software products and promoting them using effective, innovative marketing strategies.  Learn more:


Bob Reina has long been involved in a wide variety of meaningful philanthropic activities. He and Talk Fusion give generously to a wide array of nonprofits. They include the Tampa Bay Humane Society and an Indonesian orphanage. Today, the company gives free Talk Fusion software to charities.

Madison Street Capital : Winners Declared At The M&A Advisor Awards Ceremony

November 13th was a great day for the winner of the M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital. At the annual gala and ball event, the winner was announced at the Metropolitan Club in New York, NY. This accolade was won based on their prominent financing deal for debt with a transaction for WLR automotive.


Leading and honoring M&A deal makers as well as companies has put this company at the forefront of the industry. There are a lot of benefits and potential changes that can take place because of the notable recognition that Madison Street Capital has received.


M&A companies as well as those who provide deals have been recognized for decades, since 2002. This tradition of honoring the best financial services and practices at a national and international level has lead to some of the best outcomes for those involved. Overall, there is a great amount of pleasure with regards to announcing this recent change for Madison Street Capital in 2017. The accolade that they have won is one of the larger awards of its kind and can bring a great deal of attention t othe co-CEO and President of Madison Street Capital.


More than 650 companies have participated in this competition and are recognized in the process. The Gala was one of the most prestigious events of the year with leading representatives and professionals from around the country visiting. Participating in events that were both exclusive and provided networking opportunities for those who were in attendance of the event. More than five hundred people were present including more than thirty five notable industry executives. Other awards were presented at the event too including the Tom Farrell Memorial and Ceasar N.Anquillare awards in addition to the Leadership Award of 2017. Winning this year has improved the Madison Street Capital reputation by far.


Madison Street Capital has worked as an investment banking industry and is committed to leadership standards, excellence in quality service as well as integrity. They have combined some of the latest techniques in the industry to provide high quality results in mergers, acquisitions, enterprise services as well as financial options and evaluations. Both publicly and privately tarded businesses have benefitted from working with Madison Street Capital. The trust and recognition of this firm can be seen around the world as there is a significant amount of dedication as well as professionalism that goes along with their methods.


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Securus Technologies: Making Efforts For Public Safety

Since its inception, Securus Technologies is one of the notable names in the prison communications industry. The company offers a wide range of video and voice calling services so that inmates can maintain communication with their friends and family on the outside. The company has been continuously developing the kind of technology that they use and believes in staying ahead of the competition at all times. In 2009, the company underwent a massive shift when it entered into a merger with T-Netix, which was the second biggest prison communications provider in America. After the merger took place, Securus Technologies reached the forefront of the industry and is now operational in hundreds of prisons across the country. The company helps thousands of inmates keep in touch with the outside world while maintaining the rules and regulations of the facilities that they are in.


Besides offering communication services, the company also specializes in providing inmate monitoring applications to prisons. In the past, prisoners are known to have used the communication services to coordinate criminal activity. To prevent the misuse of the services that the company provides, they decided to incorporate technology that would record all the conversations that go through the lines. These communications are monitored by staff that Securus Technologies hires, and if any of the calls mention illegal activity, the person who made the call is immediately reprimanded. Because of this technology, prisons have been able to catch criminals before the action was carried out. The technology that is implemented is now slowly becoming a necessity to prisons, and more and more facilities are incorporating these into their calling systems.


These monitoring systems have also been able to help judiciaries to bring justice to people. The company has had to provide conversations on several occasions to make a case and to highlight the evidence towards criminal activity. Through the work that they are doing, Securus Technologies has become an integral part of maintaining public safety.


With the monitoring systems in place, inmates tried their best to find ways in which they could communicate with people without being monitored. This led to an increase in the number of cell phones inside these facilities, which were then being used for illegal activities. To take care of the problem at hand, Securus Technologies decided to adopt something that no one has ever done before. They decided to set up network jammers throughout the prisons that would block anyone on the inside from using a service that isn’t the one provided by Securus Technologies. This proved to be a more efficient way of taking care of the contraband that was emerging inside prisons, and inmates were now not able to use cellphones, even if they had it on them.





Gregory Aziz And His Power To Withstand The Challenges Faced By National Steel Car

There are still so many things in the world that we need to know and unlearn. In the case of how National Steel Car’s James Aziz runs his business, it must be said that his secret is mainly in being professional about the service that he does without losing his amusing and humorous way of dealing with the employees. It can also be said here that the fact that Gregory James Aziz understands the nature of randomness and luck in the dynamics of events and success of a business means a lot to his success.



It is commonly accepted that we as a people are not rational. We don’t learn that we don’t learn, and this fact alone makes it easy for people to lose all their business because they don’t heed this advice. This is something that we will try to highlight in this article. Through studying how Greg James Aziz runs his National Steel Car role, we may be able to see how we can understand business without taking ourselves too seriously.



With the guidance of the life of Gregory J Aziz as an example, we can just snicker at the challenges of running a business and live our life the way it should be: easy.



The Executive Profile

One simple fact we should probably start to learn about Gregory right now is the fact that Gregory James Aziz is the astonishingly successful CEO of National Steel Car and CEO of National Industries, Inc. It is also for all to know that the fact Greg is right now the Chairman of National Industries, Inc. is also a good reason for you to trust his instincts as a leader.



Sure, he chortles as much as the next guy, but he’s still a no non-sense business leader with years of experience behind him. You could also know that the fact that National Steel Car has reached a considerably high investment success because Greg Aziz has one of the most robust engineering capabilities today. He has the team-building expertise, and he has been able to create a successful business that generates 3,500 cars every year.


You may also like to know that National Steel Car is right now honoring itself for having been successful in the business for 18 years and for being able to get high rewards from TTX SECO since 1996 consistently. Neat, right? Talk about setting itself as an example for the new business youth to follow.


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Sussex Healthcare In Audiology Sets The Standard

As we age, we often face issues that come with the process. Difficulty in hearing or loss of hearing altogether are common conditions. In fact, 1 out of 6 people in the United Kingdom have some type of hearing loss. Most of these people are older ones who are experiencing a gradual hearing loss. Statistics show that 70% of people over 70 and roughly 40% of those over 50 have some hearing loss.

The Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology deals directly with hearing loss. With clinics in Surrey, Sussex, and Berkshire, these professionals will help you assess and remedy any hearing difficulties. Their services include assessment of hearing loss, providing hearing aids with fittings and aftercare. They also provide clinical care in audiology at other health centers in the U.K.

So how do you know if you are experiencing hearing loss? Here are some signs you can look for:

• You seem to feel that most people speaking to you tend to “mumble
• The volume on your television is always on high
• You have trouble hearing anything in a noisy environment
• You have to ask others to repeat themselves often
• You have a hard time hearing someone if they aren’t looking directly at you when speaking
• You often have problems hearing someone on the telephone

How can the SCHC for Audiology help you?

• They will do a comprehensive analysis of your hearing capabilities
• They will customize hearing instruments to best aid you
• Hearing aids can improve your quality of life and improve your sense of independence
• You will be better prepared to take part in events with your friends and family
• Hearing aids are created to increase the level of sounds, making them clearer.

The Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology operates under the objective of providing excellent audiology services to every patient. They are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and accredited by the U.K. Services as required by the QPIS. The SCHC for Audiology also receives regular inspections by the governing council. Their staff are experts in this field and they attend ongoing developmental and professional pieces of training to assure they are entirely up to date within the field of audiology.

Hearing loss can be gradual and hard to diagnose. The sooner you are aware of hearing problems, the faster and better these issues can be addressed. You don’t have to live with hearing loss or a diminished quality of life. The caring staff at The Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology can help you today.

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The Man – Gregory Aziz

When National Steel Car is called upon to complete projects, they do so in an exemplary way. They are able to make freight cars for a number of clients that are based all over the world. Since they are a leader in the railcar field, they always fill the orders with excellent pieces. Their clients are more than satisfied with what they can do, and they recommend them to other people too.


Greg Aziz is the CEO, the Chairman and the President of the company. Greg Aziz is a born leader that is known for his excellent way of motivating his staff. When he talks with his team members, they know that they are appreciated and respected for their professional expertise in the field. He allows them to excel at what they do in order give them the pride that they so much deserve.


When Greg Aziz is in charge of any project he gets it done. In his past, he has also done this. His education and experience speak for him. He is also a man of character and decency. In his home life, he is a respected member of the community, and he gives to charities on a regular basis. He has many people that look up to him, and they appreciate how much he can do to help those that are not as fortunate as he is. In his family life, he is a good and steadfast man. Greg and his wife also regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is known to support Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, Salvation Army and various food banks.


When the company looks into the future, they will experience even more business as they attract new clients to their widening base. With each new project that they take on, they produce fantastic results, and they receive the praise and honor that they deserve. The company has been the recipient of more than one award in the past, and they stand to have even more in the future. Go To This Page to learn more.

Making inroads all the time, National Steel Car and Gregory James Aziz are taking over the lead in the competitive industry of railcars a little bit at a time. They stand to come out as the top leader in the field over time.