Sussex Healthcare In Audiology Sets The Standard

As we age, we often face issues that come with the process. Difficulty in hearing or loss of hearing altogether are common conditions. In fact, 1 out of 6 people in the United Kingdom have some type of hearing loss. Most of these people are older ones who are experiencing a gradual hearing loss. Statistics show that 70% of people over 70 and roughly 40% of those over 50 have some hearing loss.

The Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology deals directly with hearing loss. With clinics in Surrey, Sussex, and Berkshire, these professionals will help you assess and remedy any hearing difficulties. Their services include assessment of hearing loss, providing hearing aids with fittings and aftercare. They also provide clinical care in audiology at other health centers in the U.K.

So how do you know if you are experiencing hearing loss? Here are some signs you can look for:

• You seem to feel that most people speaking to you tend to “mumble
• The volume on your television is always on high
• You have trouble hearing anything in a noisy environment
• You have to ask others to repeat themselves often
• You have a hard time hearing someone if they aren’t looking directly at you when speaking
• You often have problems hearing someone on the telephone

How can the SCHC for Audiology help you?

• They will do a comprehensive analysis of your hearing capabilities
• They will customize hearing instruments to best aid you
• Hearing aids can improve your quality of life and improve your sense of independence
• You will be better prepared to take part in events with your friends and family
• Hearing aids are created to increase the level of sounds, making them clearer.

The Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology operates under the objective of providing excellent audiology services to every patient. They are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and accredited by the U.K. Services as required by the QPIS. The SCHC for Audiology also receives regular inspections by the governing council. Their staff are experts in this field and they attend ongoing developmental and professional pieces of training to assure they are entirely up to date within the field of audiology.

Hearing loss can be gradual and hard to diagnose. The sooner you are aware of hearing problems, the faster and better these issues can be addressed. You don’t have to live with hearing loss or a diminished quality of life. The caring staff at The Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology can help you today.

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