Securus Technologies: Making Efforts For Public Safety

Since its inception, Securus Technologies is one of the notable names in the prison communications industry. The company offers a wide range of video and voice calling services so that inmates can maintain communication with their friends and family on the outside. The company has been continuously developing the kind of technology that they use and believes in staying ahead of the competition at all times. In 2009, the company underwent a massive shift when it entered into a merger with T-Netix, which was the second biggest prison communications provider in America. After the merger took place, Securus Technologies reached the forefront of the industry and is now operational in hundreds of prisons across the country. The company helps thousands of inmates keep in touch with the outside world while maintaining the rules and regulations of the facilities that they are in.


Besides offering communication services, the company also specializes in providing inmate monitoring applications to prisons. In the past, prisoners are known to have used the communication services to coordinate criminal activity. To prevent the misuse of the services that the company provides, they decided to incorporate technology that would record all the conversations that go through the lines. These communications are monitored by staff that Securus Technologies hires, and if any of the calls mention illegal activity, the person who made the call is immediately reprimanded. Because of this technology, prisons have been able to catch criminals before the action was carried out. The technology that is implemented is now slowly becoming a necessity to prisons, and more and more facilities are incorporating these into their calling systems.


These monitoring systems have also been able to help judiciaries to bring justice to people. The company has had to provide conversations on several occasions to make a case and to highlight the evidence towards criminal activity. Through the work that they are doing, Securus Technologies has become an integral part of maintaining public safety.


With the monitoring systems in place, inmates tried their best to find ways in which they could communicate with people without being monitored. This led to an increase in the number of cell phones inside these facilities, which were then being used for illegal activities. To take care of the problem at hand, Securus Technologies decided to adopt something that no one has ever done before. They decided to set up network jammers throughout the prisons that would block anyone on the inside from using a service that isn’t the one provided by Securus Technologies. This proved to be a more efficient way of taking care of the contraband that was emerging inside prisons, and inmates were now not able to use cellphones, even if they had it on them.





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