Securus Technologies on Disconnecting Cell Phone in Correctional Facilities

Securus technologies are the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. These solutions are geared towards ensuring public safety, correction and monitoring, and investigations. The company recently announced the implementation if a Wireless Containment Solution. This was after Securus launched another technology system that was able to stop the illegal cell phone network from reaching the commercial mobile network. The technology was geared not only to stop the connection but also to give the identity of the contraband cell phone. The information form this provided the correctional facilities with intelligence that helps solve crime in correctional facilities and also prevent them too.

The CEO of Securus Technologies in a statement applauded the US government for taking a proactive stance by making sure that they are preventing authorized communication. The wireless Containments Solutions are imperative to keep the public safe. Securus technologies had deployed the best engineers to come up with the best technology. They have since then been able to come up with a way to control the contraband cellular and wireless devices in persons and all the jails across the different states. There are other provinces who have attempted to do the same in the past but have failed. This was due to the limited technology then and expertise too. This solution will ensure that the inmates are kept safe and also the people who are out in civilization.

According to an article done by NBC Miami, there is an ex-correctional officer who has made it his mission in life to ensure that cell phones are kept away from inmates. He said that when inmates access to cell phones, they are going to be a significant danger to the community. His name is Robert Johnson. He was an officer at the Lee correctional facility. He has been working in correctional facilities for 15 years, and his leading role was a correction of contraband. This made his life to be put in danger to the extent of him being shot when he was at home. He was shot six times in his chest and also in his stomach. His doctors warned his wife to be ready for the worst.

He has since then gone through 23 surgeries and is in a lot of pain daily. This, however, has not stopped him from his mission. He still aims to prevent crimes by not having inmate access to cell phones. Inmates have been known to order kits from the prison. This is made possible by having a cell phone. There was once a murder of a nine-month baby, which was ordered from jail because the uncle did something that the person in prison did not like. Johnson had since testified at the Federal Communications Commission when they had a hearing on how they should control contraband that gets in the prisons. The Securus Technology was enabled by the FCC who disconnected the inmate’s cell phones.


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