Adam Milstein and Jewish culture

Adam Milstein was the managing director of Hager Pacific Properties. He is a citizen of Israel. Adam Milstein was the chairman and co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein foundation. He has been in the department of real estate from 1983 up to date. He later began his service to his nation by joining defense forces of Israel. This was an act of proving his patriotism to his country.

Milstein is committed and hardworking to achieve his dreams in life. He gained skills in managerial from a recognized college and excelled well. After graduating from college, he ventured into real estate field where he showed his interest in managing properties. His involvement with real estate business expresses encouragement to the youth on how they can advance their goals after completing school.

Adam Milstein was the writer of the times of Israel as well as the founder of the family foundation. The family foundation involved activities such as creating a good relationship with the citizens of United States and dealing with anti-Semitism. Building good relationship helped them in fostering beneficial connections. The primary purpose of the foundation was to improve on such activities worldwide. Adam Milstein released a recent article which reviews the culture of Jewish and how it can thrive in the society.

He encourages Jews to honor their culture by being proud of who they are and where they come from. Adam Milstein advises all Jews by telling them to take education seriously and express stand in their faith.

He insists that standing by their beliefs will make their culture more recognized and respected. Adam Milstein alerts parents to encourage their children to be innovative and creative enough to win all challenges of life. Also, he addresses children to acquire education to depend on themselves in future. This way, parents will have an easy task in future.

According to Adam Jews will express the best abilities and also make the society different. All Jewish parents are given the responsibility of ensuring that all children above the age of eighteen are given the right advices to avoid sexual immoralities. Sexual immoralities would spoil their future and hence bring a bad image to the society.

Strategies That Paul Herdsman Advocates All Entrepreneurs To Embrace

The business world has tremendously grown in various aspects and this cannot be undermined. Competition has gone to a higher level and one cannot afford to do business anyhow. No one did any business without the right strategies ever succeeded in it. According to some of the celebrated entrepreneurs such as Paul Herdsman, COO of NICE Global and Co-Founder of Inbound Call Experts, business strategies are the pillars of the success of any business. Herdsman insists that the strategies you come up with could determine the success or failure of your business. Just as the businesses are of different types, strategies are also different. Herdsman affirms that one needs to be careful when crafting their business strategies if they want to enjoy perpetual success.


Having been in the business world for many years, Herdsman says any entrepreneur who looks forward to succeeding needs to control their innovation. Herdsman says that controlling innovation is one of the strategies that have brought unimaginable success in his entrepreneurial career. This means you need to come up with some new and innovative ideas. In addition, you also need to create a new value for your business products using those ideas. He says that one should not just execute those ideas quickly but also in a calculative way. It’s the best way to keep your competitors behind you. Get Additional Information Here.


Besides controlling innovation, Herdsman says you need to create a go-to-market strategy. Most entrepreneurs stumble in their business endeavors because they dismiss this strategy. If you don’t make good use of this strategy, it’s hard to gain a competitive edge. Go-to-market requires an entrepreneur to create an organizational identity, utilize various technologies, position their business ahead of competitors, and know the customers to target. Although these approaches sound like they are different, they are interdependent. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


Whenever you see successful business people like Herdsman insist on the strategies entrepreneurs need to use, just know it’s something they have tried and proved. Paul Herdsman says that any great entrepreneur never doubts the strategies they intend to implement because this would cause great failure. What makes people like Paul Herdsman thriving entrepreneurs is doing thorough market research, using the right analytical skills, and having an immeasurable desire to thrive. Innovative ideas and calculated risks help entrepreneurs go to business levels where competition is less.

Jim Larkin – On topic article

He did not have much in the way of formal education, but he rose to become one of the most prominent names in the history of the Irish labor movement. He is Jim Larkin.


Born in Liverpool, England in 1876, Larkin came from an impoverished family. He started working at the age of seven in order to help them financially. As a young adult, he found employment as a sailor and a dock worker. His hard work earned him a position as a dock foreman in Liverpool. But when the 1905 dock strike occurred, Larkin sided with the workers. It cost him his foreman’s position, but it did bring him to the attention of the National Union of Dock Labourers. Working as an organizer for them, Larkin went to Scotland in 1906, where he unionized workers in Glasgow and Preston. In addition, he led protests again Chinese immigrants he felt were taking jobs from locals.


1907 brought Larkin to Belfast, Ireland, where he organized the dock workers in that city to strike. At one point, he even persuaded the local department of the Royal Irish Constabulary to go on strike. Larkin was even successful in uniting Catholics and Protestants in his union efforts. He soon moved to other parts of Ireland to organize workers, culminating in the Dublin Lockout of 1913.


Following the Lockout, Larkin journeyed to United States, where he joined the Socialist Party of America and became a supporter of the Soviet Union after its formation. It is also alleged he disrupted the transportation of war supplies to Europe. In 1920, he was sentenced to prison for criminal anarchy due to his communist leanings. In 1923, he was released and returned to Ireland, where he continued to champion labor and socialist causes until his death in 1947. To this day, Larkin is considered an icon in Ireland, with songs, books, and poems written about him, and a statue erected in his honor in Dublin.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Has Something to Say about Politics

Since 1974 and I’ve seen Sean Penn in movies and on TV. But it’s spring 2018 and I see him on the back cover of his debut novel Bob Honey Just Do Stuff. The 57 year old actor and director turned author released his new book in hardcover format in late March.


It’s the story of Bob Honey whose passion as a political activist leads him from writing letters to committing crimes of violence. Throughout the novel, Penn examines The Trump administration. Bob Honey’s story is inspired and motivated by Sean Penn’s own views.


Over the past years Pam has been a political activist, himself. Going from country to country he promotes democracy and peace. However, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff didn’t come across many people as a peaceful piece of literature. Pen is open and detailed about his opinion on political movements such as #MeeToo. He believes it only serves as a platform to criticize and defame public figures such as Louis C.K. In an interview on the podcast, WTF with Marc Moran, Sean stated, “If we don’t balance our lives between the I and the We, we don’t move forward.”


Although, his acting career will always be an iconic one, his novel will also resonate over time. He notes that he felt productive as he wrote this novel. The film industry became distorted and he was ready to move on. His transition from acting and directing to writing was shocking to some critics and awe inspiring to others. Authors like Sarah Silverman and Salman Rushdie praised his written work.


Penn hinted to Vogue magazine that he was continuing to write. But we don’t know for sure if it will be a Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff sequel. Sean Penn stirred up critics and readers and more than likely he will continue to do so with his political criticisms in the form of writing.


William Saito – Leading Cyber-Security Expert and Venture Capitalist

Born in California in 1971, William Hiroyuki Sato is a second generation Japanese American cyber security expert and venture capitalist. His parents emigrated from Japan to the the state of California two years before he was born.


William’s cyber security expertise and career began as early as junior high school, when he began developing the skills and interests which would proceed his later success. By 1991, while he was still a university student, William started his security firm I/O software. I/O software developed multiple technologies, such as fingerprint recognition software used by Sony. In the year 2000, Microsoft partnered with I/O software to utilize their authentication technology in the Windows operating system. William eventually sold I/O software to Microsoft and moved to Japan.


In Japan, Saito has worked multiple high profile positions. Notably, he was appointed to provide technical knowledge and support following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. He also was at one time a direct advisor on cyber-security issues to prime minister Shinzo Abe. Additionally, in 2011 William Saito was named a Young Global Leader by the World economic forum.


Outside of government positions, William worked for Japan Airlines as a strategic advisor, lending them his technological expertise in their information technology strategies. In 2017, he was promoted within Japan Airlines, becoming an Executive officer and as their first ever General Manager of Digital Innovation Promotion. Saito sat on the advisory board of the Japan Times for the years 2014 and 2015. His technical expertise also came in handy as an expert consultant at Hakuhodo and Fast Retailing.


William Saito has extensive experience in the technology field, in both the public and private sectors. Through his career he has gained a set of honed skills both unique and valuable. His multiple positions as an information technology advisor and his time running an information security software technology company gave him a solid grasp of the cyber security and technology fields.


In addition to these more technical “hard” skills – William’s time within corporate, business, and government bureaucracy granted him additional interpersonal and management skills. This includes intergovernmental affairs, political affairs, interpersonal communication, and business progress monitoring.


William Saito is truly a leading cyber security, info tech and business expert.


Bob Reina: Talk Fusion

He is known as the founder and CEO of the widely successful company called Talk Fusion. Taking the helm since 2007, Bob Reina leads the company with their product called video email. He has over 20 years experience dealing with direct selling. The company’s success is related to his vibrant leadership, strong visions, and his unrelenting passion to always help people. He is highly committed to his family, friends and constantly giving to animal charities across the globe.


Surprisingly, his background actually began as a police officer directing traffic years ago. He found that he wanted more out of his job and more control his life. At that point, he was inspired to the journey to find the answers that would eventually make him very successful. When he was introduced to the industry of marketing, he knew it was something on the verge of exploding. Once involved, Mr. Reina went to work building a team so he could manage time and extend his reach for success.


Talk fusion came about actually in 2004 when he was at home in North Carolina. At this time, when he was trying to take a picture of his new home and send it through email using AOL, he discovered this was not possible. This got him thinking and entertaining the idea of him creating a company that can handle video clips sent through email. He found himself reaching out to his good friend Dr. Jonathan Chen, who Mr. Reina considers an expert in IT. They discussed the possibility of building this great product. Soon, Talk Fusion came alive and was called an all-in-one video marketing solution.


From that point on, Mr. Reina took Talk Fusion to the direct selling market and experienced fast success. He knew they had created a product that was in the market at the right time. Bob Reina stuck by a simple logic, in his own words “ find the problem and solve it better than your competition.” He knew he had created a product the market had never seen before. He used that hype to reach out to as many businesses as possible, which ultimately brought new customers. Learn more:


How Hussain Sajwani Built A Business Empire

In 2002 DAMAC Properties Dubai Company was established by Hussain Sajwani. He is the chairman of this business which builds luxury properties in the Middle East. Their property developments include residential properties as well as commercial and leisure facilities. Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in Dubai and he went to the United States for his college education. He attended the University of Washington on a scholarship and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

After briefly working for GASCO, a subsidiary of the state-owned oil and gas company in the United Arab Emirate, he established his own company in 1982. This is a catering company that started out small but now provides it services at 200 locations where it serves about 150,000 meals each day. His company serves food at places like universities, construction campsites, oil well locations, and high-end hotels.

It was in the middle of the 1990s that Hussain Sajwani became interested in real estate. His first ventures in this field were hotels he built in Dubai. These were built for the many foreigners who come to Dubai in order to engage in business activities. At DAMAC Properties they have now built over 20,000 homes. In addition to building luxury properties, Hussain Sajwani’s company also handles all of the sales, marketing, and other activities it takes to build and sell these homes.

Hussain Sajwani likes to partner with luxury brands to build and sell his homes. Examples of this include partnering with Fendi who designed the interiors in a number of his company’s apartments, villas, and cottages. Some of his other apartments had their interiors designed by Versace. He also has partnered with Bugatti who designed a series of cottages for DAMAC Properties.

Another way that Hussain Sajwani makes money is by investing in other companies through another company he owns, DICO Investment Company LLC. He has invested in private equity firms and has also merged or acquired other companies. Some of the companies Hussain Sajwani now owns are Al Jazeera Services, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Company, and Al Amana Building Materials which is headquartered in Oman.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner: From Catering to Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is a businessman from UAE. He is the founder as well as the Chairman of the Board for global property development firm DAMAC Properties. Hussain holds a degree in economics from the University of Washington and began his business career working as a contracts manager in the oil industry with GASCO. In 1982 Hussain entered into the catering business and what began as a modest outfit is now a leader in its industry. His catering operation today manages 200 plus projects and puts out around 150,000 meals per day across the Middle East, Africa and The CIS.


DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 as a developer of commercial, private residential and leisure properties. The company has seen a great expansion in its existence and now operates across Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, North Africa, Jordan and Qatar. The Market Capital of DAMAC Properties is valued at $4.7 billion as of 2017 and the company employs over 2,000 employees. DAMAC Properties also holds the distinction of being the first estate firm from the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company maintains its headquarters in Dubai, UAE and bases its guiding principles on the concept of innovative design, quality and passion. This has helped DAMAC develop some of the most recognizable properties in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan and Qatar.


Outside of his huge businesses successes in the food and real estate industries, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner has a sterling track record in the area of ventures in the equity and global capital markets. Hussain holds venture portfolios of securities in numerous regional and international markets. DICO Investment Co LLC. is Hussain’s primary venture company. DICO focusses its business on private equities, mergers and acquisitions and holds a number of minority and majority assets in companies that are publicly traded. DICO Investment is always on the search for value proposals in local and global spheres of investment.


Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is also a member of numerous boards including Emirates Takaful, Majan University College and JUNO Online. He has a reputation as a dedicated family man and currently resides in Dubai with his wife and children.

AvaTrade Review: The Forex Broker You Should Know About

When it comes to Forex trading institutions, there are plenty to pick from. Plenty. One thing that most people seem to forget is that making the right picks isn’t the only important thing, getting the right brokerage to invest with is important as well. Probably the most famous one out there in Forex is AvaTrade, and this review is going to show the world why AvaTrade is the most recognized name, and probably the best one to use if you are getting started in Forex trading.


One of the major reasons that AvaTrade is great for beginners is its set of tools. Newbies can make use of some of their popular resources such as their free eBooks – one of which is called “Forex Trading Strategies” and it’s amazing – and live market news updates. Another useful tool for members is their economic calendar, which shows updates on daily economic events and upcoming economic events. “Sharp Traders” is another popular tool that they issue which shows what leading Forex traders are doing and why they are doing it.


New clients can start off in various tiers. There is a 21-day demo for those wishing to try the product out. There are also rewards for depositing certain amounts into your Forex account. This is standard in brokerages, but AvaTrade typically gives a little more than its competitors (benefits of being such a large entity). The bonuses range from $40 on a $200 deposit all the way up to a whopping $10,000 on a $50,000 deposit.


Of course, if you are a baller then AvaTrade review has a tier that reflects that. Large time investors – specifically ones who make a single minimum deposit of $100,000 or more – get access to tailored education, fast withdraws, dedicated hotlines, and tons of other goodies in their Ava Select program.


Not all of us have lined pockets, so for those of you that don’t AvaTrade offers plenty of introductory options. You can get started with AvaTrade for as little as a $100 minimum deposit. So, if you are considering getting into Forex AvaTrade is a solid option, probably one of the best options on the market currently.

Read more about AvaTrade reviews:

Jim Larkin: All For Fair Employee Rights

Throughout the world there are many labor unions for just about any trade you have consisting each of many men and women who have a special trade. Have you ever wondered how these unions came to be or what the union workers have to go through to be part of a specialized union. Jim Larkin will give you an idea of some of what had to happen in the early 1900s in the labor unions.


Jim Larkin’s Journey


Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England, in January of 1876 and died in Dublin, Ireland in January 1947. He came from a family who didn’t have much money so as a young boy, he did various jobs to help his family out.


In 1906, Larkin was elected the General Organizer for the National Union of Deck Laborers (NUDL). During the next two years he recruited over 2,700 men to become members of this union.


In 1907, after being transferred to Dublin, Jim Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. His main goal for creating this union was so all the Irish industrial workers would be in only one organization. It didn’t matter to him if you had any special skills or absolutely none at all.


In 1908, he was suspended by the NUDL after leading three strikes. Jim Larkin formed the Irish Labor Party between the years 1908 and 1913. With this party he was also responsible for leading a series of strikes to get all the employees to be treated fairly.

One of the most memorable strikes was the 1913 Dublin Lockout. With this came eight months of 100,000 or more workers rallying to get the right to fair employment.


In 1924, the Workers’ Union of Ireland was created. Jim Larking was also able to secure recognition from Communist International during this year.


Overall, Jim Larkin was a man who believed in people being treated fairly and he did what he could to make sure union workers were getting treated like they should be.