Fagali’I Airport On Upolu Is Your Gateway To Samoa, Your Gateway To Paradise

The Samoan Islands have long been known as a jewel of the south pacific. The Island nation is comprised of most of the islands of the Samoan archipelago along with the nation of Pago Pago and the United States Territory of American Samoa. The two largest islands in the chain are Savai’i, the larger of the two, and Upolu, the slightly smaller. The Island of Upolu is knowns for being a quiet getaway destination that offers all of the convinces of more popular mainstream tourist locations in the region but without the large crowds and higher prices.

Upolu is also home to Apia, the capital of the island as well as one of the largest cities in the region. Nearby you will find Royal Samoan Golf Course, several high-end resort hotels, and lots of options for activities, entertainment, and cultural enrichment. About 5 kilometers away is Fagali’I Airport, one of the best airports in the South Pacific and the main arrival and departure point for the island for both tourists and the approximately 135,000 local inhabitants.

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Fagali’I is a very nice airport, in recent years it has undergone a major expansion and modernization which puts it on par with more sophisticated and larger international hubs. Service through Fagali’I is offered via five airlines which provide both inter-island flights as well as international connection service to American Samoa and Pago Pago. The terminal is large and comfortable with modern conveniences and a friendly staff that is welcoming and ready to serve.

Around the island, you will find several large beaches, but they are also quiet and pristine in nature. The smaller villages offer cultural activities and there are excursions to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the south pacific such as Falefa Valley, the Deep Sea Pools, and Sopoaga falls, one of the most photographed and filmed waterfalls in the world. You can also visit the shooting site of the CBS Television series Survivor, which has held its annual competition on the island four times for the American version and twice for the Australian version according to wikipedia.org.

No matter if you love exotic foods, unspoiled forests, pristine beaches, golf, cultural and historical activities, or just laying around a resort pool all day drinking something frozen, Upolu can be your answer for a South Pacific vacation that offers fewer crowds, more convenience of travel, and lower cost. Come see the pure beauty of a place that is known for being the embodiment of paradise on earth, come to Upolu, the hidden treasure of the South Pacific and the pride of the Samoan Islands. Book your flight into Fagali’I airport today, and let the people of this amazing land show you why when you visit, you have found “the gateway to paradise”.

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