Davos Interview: Richard Liu Qiangdong On Business, Family, And Expansion


Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Chinese internet celebrity owner of JD.com, is amongst the wealthiest in the world. He currently offers over one billion products for sale on his website, which is more than Walmart’s one million says Liu, and can deliver 60% of goods within under 6 hours to any region of China, and 97% of goods within 20 hours of order time. This is in stark contrast to delivery speeds to other parts of the world like America where it can take up to 15 days to receive goods from China.

Richard Liu started out selling computer parts, cell phones, and I.T. products in shops around Beijing. Now he’s worth ten billion himself, and his company is worth around forty billion dollars on a good day. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s goal is to grow personally, professionally, and for the community simultaneously because wealth is actually a responsibility more than it is a luxury. Richard Liu said in a recent Davos, Switzerland interview that he enjoys being a father, a sibling, a husband, a son, and a business partner, because they each have their own roles in life. Find Additional Information Here.

He’s 44 now, but toward the beginning of life it was not so simple. He grew up in a more rural part of China and wanted to provide medicine for his sick grandmother. Richard Liu went to live in Beijing and attended Renmin University to study sociology, and in his free time he coded computer programs. His goal now is to expand into SouthEast Asia first and then into Europe, and eventually America.

Every day at 8am his managers have meetings in order to gauge the state of the business. Different strategies are implemented in different areas depending on the nature of the local businesses. While the Chinese economy grew 8% in the last few years, Richard Liu’s business grew 100%.


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Success through Employee Wellness: a lesson from Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is famous for his role at the United Technologies Corporation (UTC), which turned the company from a state of financial repression to massive developments and profits. The company deals with jet engine assembling for technologically advanced jets used for business and military requirements. He is an incomparable capitalist who is always looking forward to improving, thus mastering the knack of investment and the changing aspects of the business.

During his stewardship at UTC, Louis Chenevert saw the company through profitable investments, needless to say, the most profitable ventures. These include; The advancement of the company’s Climate, Controls and Security facility in Connecticut to cater to refrigeration, heating devices, air conditioning and fire detection necessities; The development of the GTF engine that was later chosen for Airbus upon completion of the project; The expansion of the Aerospace Unit to accommodate plants that produce sensors, brakes and other aerostructures; Employee training programs that promote innovation, employee education and a supportive working atmosphere, and the manufacture of helicopters by the company’s facility in Sikorsky that has produced helicopters more than any other unit in the United States.

Louis Chenevert’s leadership at UTC resulted in a considerable standing in the business world, becoming a trendsetter in the industry. His career life is a summary of success stories including: The acquisition of Goodrich during recession: The GTF Engine that has seen a number of its inventions employed in many aircraft; the decision to evade outsourcing of production workforce by relocating engineers to the plant at Connecticut; the maintenance of all employees during challenging financial times which saw other companies lay off their workforce to stay afloat; the increase in share price during a time of financial decline, and his role in the Employee Scholar Program that oversees the expenses of employee education.

Louis Chenevert has worked up the ladder on several occasions, becoming a leader through hard work and determination. Company executives can learn from the business giant that becoming successful in business does not come about by terrifying employees and shouting orders at them, but by working as a tea to meet the company’s goals and objectives.


Nick Vertucci talks about the building blocks of success

Nick Vertucci is a perfect example of a fighter. He is a successful real estate investor today, but his journey to success was never smooth. He had to face many struggles before he could make it. He lost everything in the dot-com crash of 2000, but he managed to get his life back on track after he joined a real estate investment academy. He learned vital lessons that changed his mindset and became a successful person. Today, he is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy and the author of a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions.” Vertucci has vital lessons that he is willing to share with readers of this book. It is the perfect book for anyone who would like to know how to become successful. It is a book that is meant to help struggling people learn how to overcome fears of being poor.

Nick Vertucci does not merely ask people to change their environments. It is a common adage that if you want to be successful, you must be surrounded by successful people. That statement is true, but there is more to success than just hanging out with smart people. It is not about showing off but showing real results. The main reason you should associate yourself with a successful environment is that you want to be successful. A wealthy mentality is a winning mentality. Learn from the environment and don’t just be seen to be in such environment with nothing to show.

Nick Vertucci has gone through challenges, which he decided to use as lessons on what he should not do. After he overcame the challenges, he decided to share the experiences with others so that they can become equally successful. Seven Figure Decisions is a way of changing your lifestyle and becoming a millionaire in a short time.

Doe Deere: A Journey of Empowerment

Everyone now and then we are reminded of the incredible attraction of the American dream to those around the world. It is a beacon of hope that lights the hearts and minds of those wishing to come to America’s shores. This dream was in the heart of Doe Deere, a Russian born immigrant who’s exposure to American culture instilled the dream of one day capturing her own American dream.

Doe Deere would get the chance to obtain that dream, at the age of 17 her mother wanting a better life for her daughters would move them to New York City. Doe was eager to live in the land of opportunity, however, it was not to be this way. For a long time, her family would struggle to make ends meet and it did not help that her mothers accounted credentials had not yet been transferred, meaning her job options where extremely limited. The mounting pressure would lead Doe Deere and her family to live in a Manhattan homeless shelter. She recalls that her daydreaming of becoming a designer was about the only thing keeping her optimistic during one of the hardest times of her life.

In 1999, a social worker named Dorchen Leidholdt came to the families aid. Dorhchen would find an opportunity for the family and eventually aid Doe Deere in attending the Fashion Institute of technology after seeing the creativeness in her sketches. In 2008, Doe’s hard work paid off. She would found makeup company “Lime Crime” and advocate company for empowering women through products and company message. Doe Deere employees a team of over 35 individuals all leading the way to show women that they can be anything they want to be and more. She concludes by stating that the contribution of the greatness of America sometimes comes from those who did not begin as Americans.


Robert Deignan Continues To Make Customer Service A Focal Point For ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan has been serving in the tech sector for many years, and he started up his first company just three years after graduating from college. Deignan studied at Purdue University and received a Bachelor of Science in business management while there. His first company was named Fanlink and he was a co-founder of the company. He decided to move on from Fanlink after some time and ended up working with iS3 Inc. as its executive vice president. His knowledge of technology helped him greatly while he worked with the company, but he eventually decided to strike out on his own again.

In 2011, Robert Deignan decided to help create ATS Digital Services, LLC. He now serves as the company’s chief executive officer and helps to resolve people’s tech issues. Deignan has always focused on the customer service aspect of the company, and this has helped to grow it as quickly as possible. Every employee that works for the company is fully trained so they can do the job right, and ATS offers so many services that it is hard for customers to want to go anywhere else. The company works to repair cell phones, tablets, and computers and can do so remotely. ATS also works with customers to conduct troubleshooting, to set up TV’s, to setup smart technology, and also offers many other services.

Robert Deignan has dedicated himself to keeping up with the world of technology because of how rapidly it changes. He knows that technology makes people’s lives easier and has learned that this is what he wants to offer to customers, too. This is exactly what has made ATS such a popular company, and it has also helped that the company is certified by AppEsteem. This means that it has passed AppEsteem’s rigorous process to demonstrate that it is committed to customer service. Deignan revealed in a recent article that his company has been focused on customer service from the beginning and that he always ensures that his employees are certified to work with the technology they offer advice for. He is expecting great things for ATS in the future.


Express Your Right To Vote, Says Charlamagne The God


If you visit Charlamagne the God on Instagram, you’ll notice something much different than what you hear each day on The Breakfast Club and his nationally-syndicated radio show. Charlamagne is a name to be recognized with and he is using his voice to make an impact in the community.


November 6th is election day across the U.S. Each vote counts and in the current state of affairs, voting is more important than ever. Charlamagne Tha God has used his star power and social media account to urge his audience to head to the polls and make sure their voice is heard.


Charlemagne also used a segment on his talk show to speak on the upcoming election and urge his audience to go out to vote. During The segment, Charlemagne Tha God spoke about Brett Kavanaugh, the current Supreme Court Justice whos been accused of sexual misconduct and how their vote could prevent future discretion such as this. Although he really didn’t give any insights into his personal feelings of the incident, he did make it clear that it is unacceptable for such accusations and wants people to vote. See This Page for additional information.


He says that voting is so important to him because he understands the impact that it has on not only communities but the entire United States. He believes that people should voice their opinions on matters if there will be a change in the government and in the world. Voting is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your voice is heard and he wants everyone who has that right to use it.


Visit him on https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/court-records-posted-online-show-charlamagne-tha-gods-d-1827965545

The Chainsmokers Creator Alex Pall and His Encounter with Andrew Taggart

He was working at an art gallery before it all happened. He was working as a DJ in New York City while he had a stable job. Before the creation of the group, he was even pursuing a Master’s in the New York University. This is the story of the prestigious and very well-paid DJ Alex Pal, before the creation of the famous electronic music band The Chainsmokers.


Everybody has already heard of Something Just Like This, a song that wouldn’t leave the U.S. Billboards for months after its release, having been a collaboration with one of the most long-standing famous bands of the pop culture: Coldplay.


The song Closer, featuring the singer and composer Halsey, was also a tremendous success, having been released in July 2016, and quickly peaking at no. 1 at the Billboards of the United States and the United Kingdom.


Their recent 2017 debut album “Memories… Do Not Open” was also an overwhelming success, with numbers that have beaten records and elected The Chainsmokers to one of the most influential names in the genre. In 2017 was also the year when they released their single “Paris” who quickly achieved gold certification in Canada and in the United States, having received 270 million streams in Spotify in the entire year. The official video for “Paris” was released sometime after the song was published and features the star and model Martha Hunt.


How did Alex Pall find such success?


Alex Pall was already working as a DJ even before he met the partner who would make the duo of the Chainsmokers. Funny enough, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, which are now famous for co-founding The Chainsmokers, didn’t create the group together. Alex Pall had already invented the name with a friend of his, but years after their first released songs his friend left the group and Alex Pall was alone.


Through a mutual contractor, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met, and it was instantly evident that both had a lot of passion for the genre. They quickly started composing together and became popular in the electronic music genre, with fans of both artists already picking up in the trend that was becoming The Chainsmokers.



The Tough Journey of Richard Liu Qiangdong Before The Establishment Of JD.Com


1973 was the year when Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in the Republic of China. His parents were renowned business people who operated in the business of transporting coal within all the regions of the country. Since he was young, Richard Liu Qiangdong had been aspiring to become one of the prominent politicians in his country.

Richard Liu had a passion for politics and hence when he attained the age of joining college, his parents took him to the People’s University of China, an institution that was linked to the production of the political elites in the country and the whole world. In the institution, Liu was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science, and hence he expected that with the combination of the disciplines, all the employers would be scrambling to employ him immediately after finishing school.

While still in College, Liu had joined some classes where he studied computer programming and hence he had started earning some good money while still learning. He would assist his fellow students in fixing their tech issues, and in return, he could get paid some cash. That was how he survived in college without a lot of financial hassles and struggles. However, things turned out to be a bit different after Richard Liu Qiangdong completed his degree. The employment that he had been very confident about turned out to be a meager fantasy. He tried to seek employment from various organizations in the city, but all of them turned a deaf ear on him.

As a result of frustration from the unemployment, he took some loan from his family business that was run by his father and with the assistance of the little savings he had made from the computer programing income, he started a restaurant in Beijing. This turned out to be a nightmare to Richard Liu Qiangdong since shortly after the establishment of the entity; it collapsed as a result of consistent loss-making. Go Here for more information.

He closed the business and contemplated opening a technology-related organization. That was how Richard Liu started the JD.Com organization, a firm that has been very vibrant in the provision of tech services to customers all over the Republic of China and globally.


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