Malcolm CasSelle leads the Cryptocurrency Revolution

Malcolm CasSelle has a long and distinguished career at some of the biggest companies in the world. He was an initial investor in start ups like Facebook and Zynga. He has degrees from two of the most prestigious colleges, MIT and Stanford. His most recent ventures are in the cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrency has made such an impression on the financial sector that international banks are now required to monitor transactions involving cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has become an industry leader in the world of online currencies, and the gaming industry is close to adopting cryptocurrency as one of its means of conducting financial transactions. The merger between the gaming world and that of the cryptocurrency seems like a perfect match.

Malcolm CasSelle is focused on this partnership. As the Chief Information Officer at OPSkins, and the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), CasSelle is in the perfect position to oversee this new financial revolution. WAX tokens allow for various individuals within the gaming community to buy and sell virtual items. As more and more people use Blockchain and WAX to conduct their online business, the system is becoming more trusted as well as increasing in speed and efficiency all the time.

Blockchain is also the new way that start up companies can acquire the funding they need. While these smaller companies do not have access to traditional methods of funding, they are finding success with Blockchain. The South Korean economy is fast becoming reliant on cryptocurrency as they see more and more the advantages to platforms like Blockchain and Bitcoin. From the world of gaming and start ups, cryptocurrency is now also being used by smaller Korean family owned businesses. While there may have been initial skepticism in digital currencies, it has now become a recognized part of the Korean economy, and it has shown that it can be even more valuable than traditional currencies.