Grace Farms: A Unique Place Offering A Spiritual Experience

Grace Farms is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Nestled in the midst of pristine beauty and scenic landscapes, this is a place that many have considered as ‘heaven on earth’. The entire eighty-acre property is designed to invoke through and learning, along with facilitating a feeling of oneness with the community and nature. The site has various programs for people of all age groups who want to come forward and learn more about themselves and develop on an individual level.


An article on The New York Times entitled “The Spiritual and Spectacular Meet at an Ultramodern Community Center in Connecticut”, talks about a facility which is a nature center, gym, hub for social justice groups, community garden and a part-time ecumenical chapel — and that is only a partial list.


There are numerous activities that one can engage in here at Grace Farms. One of the first things to account for is the various on site programs that are hosted here. Sharon Prince Grace Farms regularly sees spiritual people from around the world coming forward to talk about their lives and the enlightenment that they experienced. The natural beauty of this place augments the words that these spiritual leaders are trying to spread, thereby helping people achieve inner peace and invoking a feeling of happiness.


About The Founder


Sharon Prince is someone who has given the community a beautiful gem through the company Grace Farms Foundation, which she established. Sharon has been running the company since 2008 and has managed to create a huge impact on the lives of people through her inculcation of music, art, faith and nature, all into a beautiful style of fulfilling living. Go To This Page for additional information.


The vision behind Grace Farms was to give the public a place that they could turn to in order to be able to share their thoughts and connect with nature. Sharon Prince had some of the most well-known architects in the world come together and help her with his project that she spearheaded. Within a short period of time, she managed to open the doors of Grace Farms Foundation, and ever since then has created an impact on society and the people around her.


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