Steve Lesnard Reveals His Two Principles to Product Introduction

As technology continues to evolve and become a more integrated part of our lives companies are seeking new avenues to capture the attention of the public. Although these new social medium has created a plethora of opportunity for companies, they can also harm business when not appropriately leveraged. Steve Lesnard, one of the worlds leading brand consultants, has gathered a vast amount of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world. Through this experience, Steve Lesnard has been able to formulate two principles that every company should follow before introducing a new product to the market.

Principle Number 1: ”Keep it simple to make it memorable.”

One of the most common mistakes that companies make when introducing a new product is laying out too much information to the public. Steve Lesnard states that the best method of introducing the value and benefits of a product is by clearly outlining how it’s new and better than the competitor. One great example of this comes from Apple’s iPod commercial where they simply posted the sentence “10k songs in your pocket” in front of a black screen. The message was clear, and the benefits outlined perfectly.

Principle Number 2: “Bring it to life to make it real.”

Customers today no longer want just to buy a product they also want to receive an experience along with it. One of the best methods for figuring out what kind of experience your customer will receive is to a ask yourself a series of questions such as, How will this look on me? How does it work? Etc. The use of placing the product within a video is a great way to help consumers answer these questions. Take outdoor accessories company YETI. Through their ambassador program, they were able to film real outdoor influencers to use their products. This allowed consumers to see the product in action and potentially how they would use it as well.

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