Information on Clay Hutson

Clayton Hutson is the business owner in a company that provides the services for some musicians. He set his journey in the studies and the course of the theater design before the onset of the career in Nashville. He then became the audio engineer and became employed in some of the companies that are working in the scene of the music industry and also became the project manager in all these companies. He then set his skills in starting the firm that was aimed and manages, produces and also designs the concerts of the various musicians. The music that he decided to work with was mainly rock music. Clayton Hutson through dedication has managed to complete the managerial task in various areas successfully. The principal known musician that has worked by Clayton Hutson include Kid Rock and Pink.

He played an essential role in the 2005 world in an event called Bleed Like Me. This was one of the great invent that took place in various parts of Europe. Clayton Hutson has been termed to be a rare gem as a business owner within the niche of the music industry. He is one of the considerate artists that have enough experience and doing all sorts of tricks to push the music to the peak scene in the music industry. The expertise that he has gained was through some of the companies that gave him the entertainment solution.

Most of the people who have worked with Clayton Hutson has lauded the move that he has made in promoting the efforts of the musicians to the high point. He is one of the great and skilled musicians who has handled matters of business in various parts of Europe particularly on the matters dealing with entertainment. The idea of his company dealing with music came after he amassed various experience from the different field of production and entertainment. He then perfected the skills, and this has enabled him to overcome so of the challenges that are common in the entertainment industry.

Clayton Hutson through his efforts and abilities has pushed for the better part of the music industry.

The Chainsmokers Creator Alex Pall and His Encounter with Andrew Taggart

He was working at an art gallery before it all happened. He was working as a DJ in New York City while he had a stable job. Before the creation of the group, he was even pursuing a Master’s in the New York University. This is the story of the prestigious and very well-paid DJ Alex Pal, before the creation of the famous electronic music band The Chainsmokers.


Everybody has already heard of Something Just Like This, a song that wouldn’t leave the U.S. Billboards for months after its release, having been a collaboration with one of the most long-standing famous bands of the pop culture: Coldplay.


The song Closer, featuring the singer and composer Halsey, was also a tremendous success, having been released in July 2016, and quickly peaking at no. 1 at the Billboards of the United States and the United Kingdom.


Their recent 2017 debut album “Memories… Do Not Open” was also an overwhelming success, with numbers that have beaten records and elected The Chainsmokers to one of the most influential names in the genre. In 2017 was also the year when they released their single “Paris” who quickly achieved gold certification in Canada and in the United States, having received 270 million streams in Spotify in the entire year. The official video for “Paris” was released sometime after the song was published and features the star and model Martha Hunt.


How did Alex Pall find such success?


Alex Pall was already working as a DJ even before he met the partner who would make the duo of the Chainsmokers. Funny enough, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, which are now famous for co-founding The Chainsmokers, didn’t create the group together. Alex Pall had already invented the name with a friend of his, but years after their first released songs his friend left the group and Alex Pall was alone.


Through a mutual contractor, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met, and it was instantly evident that both had a lot of passion for the genre. They quickly started composing together and became popular in the electronic music genre, with fans of both artists already picking up in the trend that was becoming The Chainsmokers.

Alex Pall, The DJ Behind The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers make feel good pop music. Their music inspires people to dance and have fun. They are one of the few electronic music groups around. They have a huge fan base that are engrossed in their deep, meaningful lyrics and are addicted to their catchy beats.

The Chainsmokers began when two people both in love with their passions were wandering around New York City trying to break into the dj scene. It was fate that caused Alex Pall and Drew Taggert to be introduced to each other. Thankfully, the music manager then who is their manager now, was able to spotlight incredible talent while still in its infancy.

Alex’s bandmate Drew is a native of Maine. He would frequently to New York City. He was drawn to the city for its promising opportunities for dj’s. He saw so many other people around him getting booked and making a career out of music. He wanted the same for himself. To prove his commitment to his craft, he moved from Maine to the big city.

It was after this move Alex and Drew met. Immediately, the next day after moving they began making music. They both had skills with creating good lyrics and producing tuneful beats. Their efforts and talents caused them to develop their band The Chainsmokers.

During an online interview, Alex Pall recapped his experience and rise to being apart of The Chainsmokers’s success. Their connection was true and instant. The passion for music they both contained ignited their work interests. They began working from nine in the morning to late in the evening. They knew the amount of work they had to dedicate to their craft to create successful careers for themselves.

The dynamic duo worked very hard to create a personal identity for the group. They knew that having an identity coming onto the scene would help music lovers to learn them and understand them. Having core values and standards for their music allowed them to stand out from the flood of other incoming artists. This quality also garnered them a lot of respect from music listeners.


The Talented Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers began by Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler, in the year two thousand and two it was re-formed as EDM DJ duo, currently the Chainsmokers are an American DJ and production duo that consists of Alex pall and Andrew Taggart. They have managed to achieve a lot of success with the release of hits now and then. Their breakthrough was the release of the song “selfie” this song placed them to the lime light and opened a lot of doors for the success of the Chainsmokers. They further went to release beautiful music that was loved by many people and this enabled their songs to be rated among the top ten best music in the billboard.

In September two thousand and four, Chainsmokers had their first live performance that was to do an opening for Timeflies. This was a great opportunity for them as they delivered the best performance than ever. The Chainsmokers managed to scoop a lot of awards one of them being the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. They have hit the top of billboard’s dance list as they ensure that they give the best in their music so that their funs can enjoy listening to them.

They conducted an epic Ultra Miami performance and became the first Dance Artist/DJ to be recognized for their hard work and talent. The continuous release of hits has seen them rise on top in music industry making their success is so evident. At the iHeartRadio Awards the Chainsmokers received an award for Best Dance Album of the Year and Best Artist of the Year. They were so much determined to do mixing videos of their live performance shows and make them available to anyone interested. Finally, the Chainsmokers have promised more good music to come as the Chainsmoker’s Drew Taggart was recently named as the co-winner of the song writer of the year.