The Work of Heather Parry

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions and really brought this company to life. Heather Parry is a go getter and prides herself on being a multitasker. Parry is even willing to work on her birthday, agreeing to fund the documentation of the Eagles of Death Metals return to Paris, after the terrorist attack at the band’s November concert. This is an example of a dedicated leader and was Perry was wasted little time getting involved with “A Star Is Born”. As soon as she learned that Bradley Cooper would be directing this film, she jumped at the opportunity to get involved with this film. This incredible film starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was one of the biggest films of the year, and Parry wasted little time with getting in contact with Bradley Cooper. Heather Parry is an action taker and has contributed to Live Nation Productions in a big way.

Parry started as a 22-year-old at MTV News, she quickly climbed through the ranks and eventually becoming the president of Live Nation Productions. Live Nation Productions now owns over 100 music festivals, due to the outstanding leadership of Heather Parry. Some of Parry’s success came after she activated Live Nation’s venues around the globe and utilized social media to market these venues. Heather Parry has without a doubt, put Live Nation Productions on the map and brought this company tremendous success. For many years this company was just streaming live shows and short-form digital content, it is with the help of Heather Parry that this company moved into film and Television.

Heather Parry

Express Your Right To Vote, Says Charlamagne The God


If you visit Charlamagne the God on Instagram, you’ll notice something much different than what you hear each day on The Breakfast Club and his nationally-syndicated radio show. Charlamagne is a name to be recognized with and he is using his voice to make an impact in the community.


November 6th is election day across the U.S. Each vote counts and in the current state of affairs, voting is more important than ever. Charlamagne Tha God has used his star power and social media account to urge his audience to head to the polls and make sure their voice is heard.


Charlemagne also used a segment on his talk show to speak on the upcoming election and urge his audience to go out to vote. During The segment, Charlemagne Tha God spoke about Brett Kavanaugh, the current Supreme Court Justice whos been accused of sexual misconduct and how their vote could prevent future discretion such as this. Although he really didn’t give any insights into his personal feelings of the incident, he did make it clear that it is unacceptable for such accusations and wants people to vote. See This Page for additional information.


He says that voting is so important to him because he understands the impact that it has on not only communities but the entire United States. He believes that people should voice their opinions on matters if there will be a change in the government and in the world. Voting is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your voice is heard and he wants everyone who has that right to use it.


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