Iceland Iberia Joins Mark Holyoake’s Iceland Seafood International


Mark Holyoake attended the University of Reading where he graduated with a business degree. Mr. Mark Holyoake has since concentrated on creating an extensive portfolio of businesses in the residential and international commercial property markets in the United Kingdom as well as food sectors in Europe.

Mark Holyoake has a vast experience in the seafood sector in the world, and he owns and directs several seafood companies in the globe. Mark Holyoake is also the owner of Oakvest Holdings, which is a private firm that focuses on real estate investments and private equity.

When asked about his typical day, Mark notes that a typical day doesn’t exist in his schedule because he runs several projects at a go. As such, his days are flexible to his time so that he can handle and manage all his objectives for that moment effectively. However, Mark Holyoake is quick to add that he is an early morning person especially for roles that require to be well written, such as drafting or reviewing contracts and other documents. Mark does emails at 6 am because he can focus better at that time than at any additional time of the day.

Mark believes that the only and best way to bring ideas to life is when there is a collective buy-in and shared conviction that the opinions you are suggesting represent the right things. He further points out that it is impossible, or rather, challenging to bring ideas to life when other team members don’t believe in the concept. According to Mark, collective commitment is vital in bringing ideas to life. Go To This Page for more information.


Background information

Mark Holyoake, a British businessman has experienced challenges in the property development and seafood industry. After the collapse of Mark’s British Seafood Group, Mark Holyoake ventured into the property development sector in 2010. Iceland Seafood International (ISI) is set for the addition of Iceland Iberia. Mark is on a deal that will see 42 percent of his share at ISI diluted to less than 25 percent.


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The Career Of Richard Liu


Richard Liu has built an impressive career in the world of business. Currently he serves as the founder, and CEO, of China’s

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s massive success has led to a an estimated twelve billion dollar net worth. Today, Richard Liu is considered by many as an entrepreneurial genius. His ability to be flexible, intuitive and savvy have helped his company to serve more than one hundred million active shoppers. The company continues to be a leader in utilizing cutting edge technology.

Liu Qiangdong is a native of China’s Jiangsu province, in the town of Suqian. He watched his hard working parents who were members of the coal-shipping industry. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s parents modeled the importance of hard work and education. Qiangdong eventually went on to study sociology at The Peoples’ University of China, where he would eventually earn his degree. Liu quickly realized the importance of being skilled in several areas. He went on to teach himself computer coding and computer science. These skill would come in handy in the near future.

Qiangdong’s first job came when he began working with Japan Life, a worldwide leader in producing supplements. It was here that Liu Qiangdong’s computer skills came in handy. He used these skills to work himself up through the company and eventually became he company’s Director of Computers. Soon after he would leave the company to pursue his entrepreneurial goals.

He established 360 Jingdong; a small business in Beijing that became known as China’s technology hub. The company became known for its excellent customer service along with using technology to help business meet their needs. Within just a few years the business became very successful and opened twelve different brick-and-mortar. Things quickly changed when a SARS Outbreak hit China in 2003.

The SARS outbreak forced Qiangdong to change his business approach. Eventually he was forced to close all his stores and move to an online model. His company was able to survive the change and eventually got back to its successful ways. Today the company is known as The company uses the world’s largest group of drones to provide same-day service to move than a billion people. Go Here for related Information.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong, The Force Behind The Impressive Performance Of

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a renowned Chinese business leader and entrepreneur. He is especially famous for his role as the founder of one of the leading Chinese e-commerce retailers,, which he established in the wake of 2004.


Since then, Liu Qiangdong has grown and developed the online retail giant from a humble startup to a global trendsetter in online retailing. Through his remarkable success with, Richard Liu Qiangdong has earned himself a name as one of the most creative and innovative business people across the globe.


The self-made billionaire, who also serves as the Chief Executive officer of, has successfully created one of the largest business empires with an excess of 100 million active clients serving more than 70 cities across China. Additionally, the company has spread its wings across Asia with activities in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. has a current net worth of approximately $12 billion US dollars.


Even though Richard Liu is a self-made businessman and entrepreneur, he has had his stint in the business world for quite a long time. Immediately after graduating from The Peoples’ University of China, Richard Liu Qiangdong ventured into the business world as an employee of Japan Life. The company was a large scale provider of health products in Asia.


Owing to his innate business ability and agility, Richard Liu propelled the company’s sales to new records, eventually rising through the ranks to become the director of computers. After a two year’s stint at Japan Life, Richard Liu was ripe to venture into the business world on his own.


In 1998, Liu established an electro-magneto supplies business in Beijing. The company operated from a single over-the-counter shop, which was located in the city’s business hub. Using his business genius and skills acquired through education and experience, Richard Liu expanded his business from a single shop to a total of twelve more shops located across Beijing by 2003. Visit This Page for related information.


However, the outbreak of the SARS virus across China in early 2003 dealt his business a hard blow from which it never recovered. The epidemic forced his clients and employees to remain indoors, thereby bringing all business activities to a halt. Following the collapse of his brick and mortar stores, he established, which he has now developed into a global empire.


In an article on, Liu was listed as one of the “Most Influential Leaders”. As a testament to Liu’s admirable business practices, he has received numerous national and international awards for his entrepreneurship, business influence, innovation, and leadership.



Richard Liu Qiangdong, The founder And CEO Of


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of, the leading e-commerce company in China. The company is estimated to be worth over $60 billion as of early 2019. The success of this company comes after many years of hard work and application of unique strategies in its growth. Today, has over 100 million active customers and is currently rolling out cutting-edge technology that will offer customers a better shopping experience.

Richard Liu was born in Jiangsu province, China in a humble family. His parents owned a coal shipping company and therefore could not afford to give and leave the best life he would have wished for. However, they encouraged him to pursue education and work hard in order to excel in his endeavors. In primary and secondary school, Liu showed his academic might by performing exemplary.

He then joined the People’s University of China where he enrolled for the sociology program. He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in this program although, in the course of his studies, his interest went more into computer science. Liu is a self-taught computer scientist who at one time was the Director of Companies for Japan Life, a large-scale provider of natural supplements.

Richard Liu Qiangdong left Japan Life in 1998 to start his entrepreneurial journey. He opened a store in Beijing that dealt with computer accessories. In 5 years, he managed to expand the business by opening a total of 12 stores in different parts of Beijing. Leave applied a unique approach in his business by coming up with exemplary customer service, and utilizing technologies that would offer customers a better shopping experience. Although there was competition in this industry, he managed to overcome it by offering high-quality products as opposed to competitors who engage in fake items. Refer to This Article to learn more.

In 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong closed down then brick-and-mortar outposts to concentrate on e-commerce and business. He found out that by running an e-commerce business, he would reduce overhead costs and increase sales. It is at this juncture that was from the period for about 15 years now, it has grown into the biggest retailer in China and by extension in the world.

Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.




The Papa Of Pizza Business

Decades ago, having a pizzeria, was just a small family business type.But, since then, pizza had long passed the boundaries of its native Italy.

Today, pizza companies are more than just good business. Especially if you consider the range between price and quality. Today, when we just take a slice of pizza – it bites the market!

Who Would’ve Thought?

Once exclusively Italian specialty has become a favorite food for people all over the world. Still, most famous pizza chains come from the USA.

The state of Kentucky is not only famous for its Kentucky Fried Chicken, but also for Papa John’s International. Nowadays, the third largest pizza company in the world, Papa John’s has been working with great success.

Naturally, great success requires major effort and quality. But behind the whole story stands a great work of employees as well as the company’s CEO Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s.

What Does Steve Keep In His Sleeve?

When you see Steve Ritchie’s photo, you would never link him to a pizza company. Fit, and with a smiley face, this man keeps a complete selling strategy of world’s third pizza company up in his sleeve. His success did not come overnight. He has been working in the company for over 22 years.

It all started in 1996 when he worked as a customer service representative. Ambitious and with great ideas, Steve didn’t take long to trace his path and become a successful businessman. Click Here for more information.

Before he joined Papa John’s team, Steve Ritchie was the owner of the local pizzeria in Louisville, Kentucky. 14 hours of everyday work, taught Steve his true values and made him dedicated to business, with a vision of being in the top of the list.

After joining Papa John’s team, Steve has been working various jobs in the company. His roles included service representative, delivery driver, general manager, etc. He even became a franchise owner in 2006 and was promoted to chief operating officer in 2014.

During his career, Steve Ritchie generated a passion for the pizza business, which helped him to understand better all the aspects of the work.The stairs Steve climbed on his way to the top were steep, but ambitious Steve managed to overcome them. One of his great successes is the fact that Louisville Business First had listed him on “Forty under Forty” in 2013.

Steve Ritchie reached his recent position in January 2018.His current plans are directed towards owning over 100 franchise units. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns also plans to share his knowledge, working within the board of directors for Fortune 500 companies. And all that by 2025.

Incredible story, isn’t it?

But keep in mind that behind every success, there are great dreams, ambition, and truly hard work.


More about Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s:

Canadian Executive Louis Chenevert Reveals the Value of Investing in Employees

Louis Chenevert currently serves as an exclusive advisor to the investment firm Goldman Sachs. He is also the chairman and chief executive officer of one of the top technology companies in the world known as United Technologies Corporation. When it comes to success for a company, Louis believes that it is important to invest in employees. A company that invests in its employees will be in better position to have a more motivated and productive workforce. With workers that are more motivated and productive, a company will be able to provide better quality products and services. As a result, customers will be more satisfied and the company will be more profitable.

There are a few ways in which a company can invest in their employees according to Louis Chenevert. A company that is looking to invest in its employees include providing an employee scholar program, teamwork building, providing a positive work environment and also providing rewards for hard working employees. All of these things will be ideal for any company that is looking to improve the company culture as well as make the workers more motivated and successful.

According to Louis Chenevert, one of the best ways to invest in employees is to provide them with a more positive work environment. It is important to give them a place where they will enjoy working. Companies that provide things such as arcade games and table tennis tables will provide employees with a workplace that is fun. As a result, they will have a more positive attitude and be more likely to provide their best effort everyday when the come to work.

Companies that are looking to invest in their employees will also benefit by offering scholarship such as the employee scholar program. With the employee scholar program, companies can finance additional education and training for their employees. Since many jobs require updated knowledge and skills, a company can give workers funds for continuing education which will make them better skilled employees. As a result, the company will be able to enhance the quality of its staff. Any company that wants to invest in employees will benefit by offering educational incentives on a regular basis.

Experts Like Carsten Thiel See Today as Biotech’s Explosive Era

Very likely, humanity currently approaches biotechnology’s most exceptional age.

Just like aerospace and computing experienced explosive innovation and growth during the previous century, biotechnology expert Carsten Thiel agrees that the next 100 years will almost certainly see massive advancements in biotech that will greatly benefit humans’ lives.

The CEO of Westlake Village Biopartners believes that humanity is headed towards the Golden Age of Biotechnology.

Let’s look at the reasons we now stand on the edge of revolution.

Innovation’s Speed

The industry’s supportive technology is already stunningly accelerating. As speed improves, costs decrease. In 1995, human-genome scientists sequenced the first genome for $2.7 billion.

Today, sequencing one genome costs only $1,000. That significantly lowered price tag enables faster drug-development initiation. Visit This Page for additional information.

More Human-Biology Knowledge

This arena’s tech advancements create improved understanding of the human body, and they allow its manipulation. Since the 1980s, cellular-biology research has amassed terabytes of data that excite experts like Carsten Thiel about today’s drug-targeting possibilities. Already, this research has aided the development of proton pump antagonists, histamine receptor antagonists, statins and other drugs.

More Tools

Carsten Thiel concurs with those who tout the impact of modern biotech’s expanded toolkit. Today’s research modalities allow scientists to aim at singular targets and pursue medical issues that have previously been unsolved. Imagine the advancements the next century holds!


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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Became One Of The Richest Men In China


Richard Liu Qiangdong is undeniably one of the wealthiest self-made men in China; Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of, which is worth roughly $11 billion according to some estimates. As it stands, it’s one of the most successful online businesses on the planet. That being said, he wasn’t born successful or with a lot of money; in fact, growing up his family was quite poor. Having said that, though, Richard Liu Qiangdong managed to get himself through college and earned a degree in sociology from Renmin University in 1996.


However, after college he realized that his degree might not lead to a worthwhile job; at least, it wouldn’t lead to a high paying one. Because of that, he began learning computer programming and started working as a freelance coder. He then got am EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. This eventually put him on the track to success; he held several different positions at Japan Life before moving on to found using his extensive skills in computer programming and business. Liu’s coding skills let him create the website himself, while his EMBA and experience in Japan Life also let him take control over the business side of


This wasn’t his first attempt at a business, however; he originally started a restaurant, but that failed pretty quickly. Richard Liu Qiangdong learned from this, though; he says that the main decision that led to the failure of the business was that he only dedicated two hours a week to it. He then set up a series of stores named Jingdong, which proved somewhat successful; by 2003 it had 12 locations across China. However, a SARS outbreak made it dangerous to have face to face contact with customers. Click Here to learn more.


This led to Richard Liu Qiangdong shuttering each of the locations and deciding to start an online business. This eventually became The online company ended up becoming the largest retailer in China, and offers delivery within 20 hours to 97% of customers; it also provides 57% of his customers delivery within 6 hours. As it stands, Richard Liu’s story is one of rags to riches.


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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Built Into A $50 Billion Company


Richard Liu Qiangdong is Founder and CEO of, once called Jingdong. began as a little four-square-meter shop in Beijing that only sold magneto-optical products. Today, sells billions of different products, mostly involved electronics and technology; products everyone in the world is obsessed with having. is China’s second most successful online business behind Alibaba.

Unlike Alibaba, is expanding into new countries at a mind-bending rate. Liu Qiangdong believes that domestic and international success is built on understanding people from different parts of the world. Every now and again, Liu Qiangdong travels to different countries to give interviews and meet with people from all over the world.

Last year, Liu Qiangdong traveled to Dallas, Texas to give an interview to Davos-Klosters. In the interview, he revealed several personal and business facts that helped shape him as a person and his company.

One of the most interesting facts was about his family. Growing up, Liu Qiangdong wasn’t rich; no one in his family had much money. Most people in that situation grow to become obsessed with success and monetary gain. Though Liu Qiangdong is successful and loves growing his business, Liu loves the business aspect more than the money. The money is just a multibillion-dollar bonus.

When he first moved to the city, he wanted to pursue a career in politics. After earning a degree in sociology, he realized that no career in politics offered enough money. Shortly after he graduated, his grandmother fell ill, so he needed more money to help pay for her treatment. See This Article for additional information.

He learned computer programming and worked as a freelance coder, sending money back to his family while attending the China Europe International Business School. In 1998, he opened the first Jingdong store in Beijing.

By 2003, he had 12 stores and planned to open more. Unfortunately, that year’s SARS outbreak brought his plans crashing down but gave him the opportunity to open an e-commerce business. was born one year later.

In an article on, Liu was listed as one of the “Most Influential Leaders”. As a testament to Liu’s admirable business practices, he has received numerous national and international awards for his entrepreneurship, business influence, innovation, and leadership.


More about Richard Liu Qiangdong on

Success through Employee Wellness: a lesson from Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is famous for his role at the United Technologies Corporation (UTC), which turned the company from a state of financial repression to massive developments and profits. The company deals with jet engine assembling for technologically advanced jets used for business and military requirements. He is an incomparable capitalist who is always looking forward to improving, thus mastering the knack of investment and the changing aspects of the business.

During his stewardship at UTC, Louis Chenevert saw the company through profitable investments, needless to say, the most profitable ventures. These include; The advancement of the company’s Climate, Controls and Security facility in Connecticut to cater to refrigeration, heating devices, air conditioning and fire detection necessities; The development of the GTF engine that was later chosen for Airbus upon completion of the project; The expansion of the Aerospace Unit to accommodate plants that produce sensors, brakes and other aerostructures; Employee training programs that promote innovation, employee education and a supportive working atmosphere, and the manufacture of helicopters by the company’s facility in Sikorsky that has produced helicopters more than any other unit in the United States.

Louis Chenevert’s leadership at UTC resulted in a considerable standing in the business world, becoming a trendsetter in the industry. His career life is a summary of success stories including: The acquisition of Goodrich during recession: The GTF Engine that has seen a number of its inventions employed in many aircraft; the decision to evade outsourcing of production workforce by relocating engineers to the plant at Connecticut; the maintenance of all employees during challenging financial times which saw other companies lay off their workforce to stay afloat; the increase in share price during a time of financial decline, and his role in the Employee Scholar Program that oversees the expenses of employee education.

Louis Chenevert has worked up the ladder on several occasions, becoming a leader through hard work and determination. Company executives can learn from the business giant that becoming successful in business does not come about by terrifying employees and shouting orders at them, but by working as a tea to meet the company’s goals and objectives.