Matthew Fleeger leading to Gulf Coast Western to its success

Matthew Fleeger is a professional in the gas and oil field, and a businessman that has received so many achievements. Before securing the success, Fleeger had to go through the challenges just as many entrepreneurs do. During his time at Southern Methodist University, that’s where Matthew gained all finance and marketing knowledge. After graduation, he knew that he wanted nothing but success. Fleeger’s father is the one that inspired him to become a better person in the business. While his father was managing his oil and gas company, Fleeger saw firsthand all the hard work he had to put into the business.

For seven years, Matthew was working from one business to another, because he wanted to obtain substantial experience. He had the leadership skills, the reason why he excelled in different executive roles. After working for so many different entry-level positions; eventually, he decided that he wanted to work at Gulf Coast Western, which was a family business. The decision was the best thing he did, because the position at the company proved to be so rewarding. Through the entrepreneurial skill, he decided to embark on his endeavor. In 1993, Matthew was responsible for founding MedSolutions, a company that was taking care of the disposal, management, and treatment of medical wastes.

He led the company to receive all the success. Over the 14 years, he was in the company he was the director, president, and the CEO. Come 2007, Stericycle approached him with means of buying the company. After a lengthy negotiation, he decided to sell the company at $59 million. He knew that at the time he was selling the company, there was a position that was waiting for him at Gulf Coast Western. The experience that he had gained previous a CEO, founder, and an excellent negotiator made him the best candidate.

Robert Deigman: the Digital Investor and Sportsman

Robert Deigman is an entrepreneur, the ATS’s Co-Founder and CEO. He is responsible for remotely helping people with their technological issues from connectivity to troubleshooting in general. He has in the past worked with iS3 as an Executive Vice President.

Robert Deigman was born in Florida and went to Purdue University on a sports scholarship and graduated with a degree in organizational leadership. As a footballer, he had short stints with both Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets in the years 1997 and 1998. He then became the co-founder of Fanlink, Inc which was his earliest business ventures. He is now the leader of ATS services and still participates in offshore tournaments. He has a wife and a son whom they live within Fort Lauderdale, Miami.

In October 2018, Robert Deigman gave tips on the importance of people having the right relationships with their technology. Keeping in mind that everything we do these days has to be connected with technology, it is therefore important to understand how we can relate well with technology. Robert Dingman urges people to be aware of the stimulus that technology all around us is doing and we should, therefore, dictate its relationship to us so that we can be productive.

Robert accepts that technology is addictive and that no matter how much we love technology it actually changes the way we think. He, therefore, urges people to adopt other ways of getting information like reading, observing etc, apart from depending entirely on technological devices to run our day to day tasks. He also wants people to embrace technology as it has improved every aspect of whatever it is that we do in our daily lives from work to business, to entertainment and communication among others. He says that the most important aspect is for everyone to take charge of every relationship that they have with technology.

The Bottom Line

Robert Diegman believes in everything he does, he gives ideas and his greatest asset is time. He pays attention to numbers and uses them to make important decisions.