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Dr. Tim Ioannides is a passionate board-certified Medical Dermatologist. Dr. Ioannides has well over 15 years of extensive experience and training serving the various dermatological issues of the Treasure Coast residents.

He is the founder of the Treasure Coast Dermatology practice located in Florida. Dr. Tim Ioannides has definitely proven to be a trustworthy dermatologist in many areas of skincare to the community he serves.

Dr. Ioannides consistently implements intelligent business choices while maintaining a balanced and healthy level of customer service to his clients. The skincare doctor has successfully been able to grow his medical dermatology practice from a singular, short-staffed location to a now chain of five booming and thriving locations. He has since then been able to increase the number of patients he receives because of this successful expansion to his dermatology facility. Read This Article for more information.

The doctor earned his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine and also completed a medical internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center. After his medical internship was completed, Dr. Tim Ioannides then went on to complete a successful residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Dermatology.

It was very quickly that Dr. Tim Ioannides realized his passion and gift for dermatological services including the treatment of various tumors, skin cancers, and skin conditions. He eventually went out on his own and established the Treasure Coast Dermatology with the goal to provide medical-based dermatological treatments, diagnoses, and procedures to his patients. Dr. Ioannides really wanted to focus his attention, passion, and time on helping to better other people’s lives and was able to do that through establishing the Treasure Coast Dermatology facility.

Today, Dr. Tim Ioannides is regarded by his many patients and staff members as an exceptional and professional physician and dermatologist. Truly a man and dermatologist of respect, love, and compassion towards his patients and others alike.


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Tim Ioannides, Founder Of Treasure Coast Dermatology


Tim Ioannides had transformed his calling for medicine into a business venture which had been successful apart from him being a beloved and effective dermatologist. DR. Tim Ioannides had put his place in the community for all things related to skin care as a trusted leader. He also has more than fifteen years of experience attending to needs related to dermatology of Treasure Coast Population.


He graduated from school of medicine in University of Miami with a medical degree. He also did his medical internship from the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center. Ioannides went ahead to finish his residency at the university of Miami School of Medicine under the department of dermatology and cutaneous surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. See This Page for related information.


Ioannides identified the benefits of medical dermatology and he knew that this interest was his professional dream, life’s work and passion after he had completed his residency. Later on, a plastic surgeon employed him and it was him who conducted most cosmetics procedures. He wanted to separate himself from concerns of patients driven by cosmetics and thus he desired to provide care based on patient’s medical concerns of the highest level.


In his opinion, he took an inventory of the most important aspects of medicine when he had thought to move out on his own. He strongly believes in developing an atmosphere where medical dermatology forms the centerline of this exercise. When he founded Treasure Coast Dermatology, his goal was not to carry out any procedural cosmetics. He wanted to entirely concentrate his practice in the medical side of skin care. With his passion and goal in mind, DR. Ioannides was able to realize where he could specialize his ideal position practices that would be advantageous to the lives of his patients.


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