Sharon Prince Mission To End Contemporary Slavery


Sharon Prince is the head of the Grace Farms Foundation, in charge of enhancement of life through nature, community, arts, and faith. The private firm has been in operation since its conception back in 2009.

A major recent accomplishment by the firm was the signing of the deal to foster the fight against contemporary slavery. This was in form of a Memorandum of Understanding with Georgia and Unchain.

In an article with entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Signs Deal To Fight Contemporary Slavery”, talks about the Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Georgia and Unchain which discusses creation of set of standards and practices that promote supply chain transparency to help bring an end to the world’s largest, yet under recognized problem: contemporary slavery.

This meant that there would be a new set of standards and practices aimed at promoting the supply chain transparency to aid at the end of contemporary slavery across the world. This also coincided with the goals of Georgia in the creation of green, technologically smart and sustainable country within the next decade.

Through the partnership, Sharon Prince would kick start the creation of a demonstrative business model which enlighten other countries, investors, firms on the economic and financial gains of assuring transparency in supply chains.

Through Sharon Prince, the Grace Farms Foundation would be in charge of collaborating with the Georgian government together with Unchain. This would ensure the licensing procedure and the review of the current legal, policy and institutional framework. It would also mark the standards to strengthen the processes that will ensure the ethical and transparent supply chains.

According to Sharon Prince, this would result in the development of the comprehensive techniques and partnerships which interrupt and fight on gender-based violence and human trafficking. See This Page for additional information.

It is through the belief of Sharon Prince of taking actions against the destructive forces in the universe we live in. The current mission through Sharon Prince would ensure commitment of construction of the ethical business model thus thrusting the social change across the world.

Part of the deal with the Sharon Prince Grace Farms include a global awareness campaign aimed at stopping contemporary slavery to the public in the beginning of 2019.


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