Dan Bethelmy – Rada Develops New Environmentally Friendly Hair Care Products


Dan Bethelmy – Rada has been at the forefront of improving the quality of hair care products. He and his company have looked to develop products that are among the most environmentally friendly available. Once he and his company realized that consumers want natural products, Dan Bethelmy – Rada Loreal worked towards developing the latest hair care products that were both natural and healthy for consumers. Fortunately for the company, they were able to develop a new environmentally friendly hair care product by following a highly efficient process. This included the formulation of the product, its manufacturing and its eventual packaging.

During the process of developing its new line of hair products, Dan Bethelmy – Rada Loreal prioritized naturalness for the products. It was important that the natural state of these products was never sacrificed. Fulfilling this goal was met with considerable challenges. The company had to verify the compliance of the products in terms of both formulation and packaging.

To help with the process of completing these tasks, the company worked with the department that specializes in research and innovation. A number of tests were conducted in order to ensure compliance for the products. It was important that the products manufactured and packaged met all of the standards of L’Oreal.

After all of the products were tested, it was then necessary for Dan Bethelmy – Rada to market them to consumers. The company spread the word out by providing product information to salons. The salons would then provide the product information to the customers who receive services. While customers prefer not to be lectured on the products being sold to them, it was important to allow customers to evaluate the products with some basic information and then make their own decisions.

One of the ways in which Dana Behelmy – Rada provided information to salons is by offering educational programs at the salons. With these programs, professionals at salons were taught how to use more environmentally conscious methods for the customers. With this approach, a number of positive reviews were made. As a result, the new products have become very popular among both salons and customers. Read This Article for related information.


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