How Drew Madden is Leading the World of Healthcare IT

The world of healthcare is dependent on medical professionals being able to access critical patient information. One company that is leading the way in healthcare IT is Madison, Wisconsin based Evergreen Healthcare Partners. And one of their top Managing Partners, Drew Madden, was recently interviewed about his role in innovating the world of healthcare information.

During a recent interview on Inspirey, Mr. Madden was asked about the challenges facing the healthcare IT sector. Mr. madden responded that the healthcare sector is far behind other industries when it comes to the centralization and access to critical patient data. He also mentioned that it could sometimes take days for a doctor or medical professional to get the complete medical history of a patient. As a result, the patient and insurance companies will incur avoidable cost from extended hospital stays and inpatient care.

Later in the interview, Mr. Madden was asked what innovations need to be made to bring the healthcare IT sector up to speed. Mr. Madden responded that getting the healthcare IT sector up to speed starts with offering expertise to individual hospitals and clinics. Mr. Madden’s firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, offers consulting expertise to a number of healthcare groups. Evergreen helps implement multiple EHR platforms for their clients and provides ongoing advisory services.

Towards the end of the interview, Mr. Madden was asked about where he sees the future of healthcare IT going. The Evergreen Managing Partner said that he sees a day where accessing all patient data will be as easy as performing a simple search on a central medical information hub. Patient information will be accessible in seconds and hospitals as well as patients will be able to save time and money.

Drew Madden has been a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners for almost two years. Mr. Madden has worked in the healthcare IT industry for over a decade where he has helped hundreds of clients implement and optimize their healthcare data systems. As he enters his next decade of business, Drew Madden will seek to further innovate the world of healthcare and medical information systems.