Experts Like Carsten Thiel See Today as Biotech’s Explosive Era

Very likely, humanity currently approaches biotechnology’s most exceptional age.

Just like aerospace and computing experienced explosive innovation and growth during the previous century, biotechnology expert Carsten Thiel agrees that the next 100 years will almost certainly see massive advancements in biotech that will greatly benefit humans’ lives.

The CEO of Westlake Village Biopartners believes that humanity is headed towards the Golden Age of Biotechnology.

Let’s look at the reasons we now stand on the edge of revolution.

Innovation’s Speed

The industry’s supportive technology is already stunningly accelerating. As speed improves, costs decrease. In 1995, human-genome scientists sequenced the first genome for $2.7 billion.

Today, sequencing one genome costs only $1,000. That significantly lowered price tag enables faster drug-development initiation. Visit This Page for additional information.

More Human-Biology Knowledge

This arena’s tech advancements create improved understanding of the human body, and they allow its manipulation. Since the 1980s, cellular-biology research has amassed terabytes of data that excite experts like Carsten Thiel about today’s drug-targeting possibilities. Already, this research has aided the development of proton pump antagonists, histamine receptor antagonists, statins and other drugs.

More Tools

Carsten Thiel concurs with those who tout the impact of modern biotech’s expanded toolkit. Today’s research modalities allow scientists to aim at singular targets and pursue medical issues that have previously been unsolved. Imagine the advancements the next century holds!


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