Alex Pall, The DJ Behind The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers make feel good pop music. Their music inspires people to dance and have fun. They are one of the few electronic music groups around. They have a huge fan base that are engrossed in their deep, meaningful lyrics and are addicted to their catchy beats.

The Chainsmokers began when two people both in love with their passions were wandering around New York City trying to break into the dj scene. It was fate that caused Alex Pall and Drew Taggert to be introduced to each other. Thankfully, the music manager then who is their manager now, was able to spotlight incredible talent while still in its infancy.

Alex’s bandmate Drew is a native of Maine. He would frequently to New York City. He was drawn to the city for its promising opportunities for dj’s. He saw so many other people around him getting booked and making a career out of music. He wanted the same for himself. To prove his commitment to his craft, he moved from Maine to the big city.

It was after this move Alex and Drew met. Immediately, the next day after moving they began making music. They both had skills with creating good lyrics and producing tuneful beats. Their efforts and talents caused them to develop their band The Chainsmokers.

During an online interview, Alex Pall recapped his experience and rise to being apart of The Chainsmokers’s success. Their connection was true and instant. The passion for music they both contained ignited their work interests. They began working from nine in the morning to late in the evening. They knew the amount of work they had to dedicate to their craft to create successful careers for themselves.

The dynamic duo worked very hard to create a personal identity for the group. They knew that having an identity coming onto the scene would help music lovers to learn them and understand them. Having core values and standards for their music allowed them to stand out from the flood of other incoming artists. This quality also garnered them a lot of respect from music listeners.


Clayton Hutson Raises the Bar for Production Companies Worldwide

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer that has worked in the entertainment industry and specializing in perfecting sound quality. He’s well known to be very considerate of the artist, the message they are sharing, and making sure that the sound quality and live performance experience is always at its best.


Hutson spent many years working for other sound engineering companies and producing as a Project Manager but ended up veering out into his own company searching for the fulfilment he wasn’t achieving under others supervision. The years of experience and training guided him into entrepreneurship and gave him the freedom to direct entertainment production under his careful care and consideration.


Bravely entering into a brand company during a recession, Hutson took his leap of faith to pursue his personal dreams and aspirations.


His most recent endeavor has been working with Kid Rock starting at 6:30AM every day. He takes pride in attending work before anyone else arrives to ensure that when they do, everything will be prepared to ensure a smoothly running day. Hutson explained that his morning consists of reviewing schedules, walking through the stage, making sure that items are stored and to-do lists are completed. Learn more:


During the live show he further simplifies the responsibilities of all workers by preparing a plan on how to most efficiently break down the venue and assist the artist in moving to the next place for yet another amazing live show.


Wowing the clients and audience is always Hutson’s goal, and to assist him in achieving this feat he stays up to date on the newest pieces of technology and how to utilize it for the live-shows benefit. One of the things he’s noticed over the years is how the technology has increasingly become lighter, more compact, and technologically efficient to use. Another joy he’s had the opportunity to experience is managing and assisting in shows like Lady GaGa and Pink where there is a great deal of acrobatics, aerial stunts, and exciting light shows.


Checking, double checking, and triple checking one last time is something Hutson accredits to making sure that his endeavors as an entrepreneur doesn’t go by the wayside. He’s gone as far as to test the aerial ribbons for Pink’s show so that no one else would be hurt incase of any issues. He definitely puts his crew, team, and artists ahead of himself in ensuring that everyone succeeds.