Iceland Iberia Joins Mark Holyoake’s Iceland Seafood International


Mark Holyoake attended the University of Reading where he graduated with a business degree. Mr. Mark Holyoake has since concentrated on creating an extensive portfolio of businesses in the residential and international commercial property markets in the United Kingdom as well as food sectors in Europe.

Mark Holyoake has a vast experience in the seafood sector in the world, and he owns and directs several seafood companies in the globe. Mark Holyoake is also the owner of Oakvest Holdings, which is a private firm that focuses on real estate investments and private equity.

When asked about his typical day, Mark notes that a typical day doesn’t exist in his schedule because he runs several projects at a go. As such, his days are flexible to his time so that he can handle and manage all his objectives for that moment effectively. However, Mark Holyoake is quick to add that he is an early morning person especially for roles that require to be well written, such as drafting or reviewing contracts and other documents. Mark does emails at 6 am because he can focus better at that time than at any additional time of the day.

Mark believes that the only and best way to bring ideas to life is when there is a collective buy-in and shared conviction that the opinions you are suggesting represent the right things. He further points out that it is impossible, or rather, challenging to bring ideas to life when other team members don’t believe in the concept. According to Mark, collective commitment is vital in bringing ideas to life. Go To This Page for more information.


Background information

Mark Holyoake, a British businessman has experienced challenges in the property development and seafood industry. After the collapse of Mark’s British Seafood Group, Mark Holyoake ventured into the property development sector in 2010. Iceland Seafood International (ISI) is set for the addition of Iceland Iberia. Mark is on a deal that will see 42 percent of his share at ISI diluted to less than 25 percent.


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