Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Has Something to Say about Politics

Since 1974 and I’ve seen Sean Penn in movies and on TV. But it’s spring 2018 and I see him on the back cover of his debut novel Bob Honey Just Do Stuff. The 57 year old actor and director turned author released his new book in hardcover format in late March.


It’s the story of Bob Honey whose passion as a political activist leads him from writing letters to committing crimes of violence. Throughout the novel, Penn examines The Trump administration. Bob Honey’s story is inspired and motivated by Sean Penn’s own views.


Over the past years Pam has been a political activist, himself. Going from country to country he promotes democracy and peace. However, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff didn’t come across many people as a peaceful piece of literature. Pen is open and detailed about his opinion on political movements such as #MeeToo. He believes it only serves as a platform to criticize and defame public figures such as Louis C.K. In an interview on the podcast, WTF with Marc Moran, Sean stated, “If we don’t balance our lives between the I and the We, we don’t move forward.”


Although, his acting career will always be an iconic one, his novel will also resonate over time. He notes that he felt productive as he wrote this novel. The film industry became distorted and he was ready to move on. His transition from acting and directing to writing was shocking to some critics and awe inspiring to others. Authors like Sarah Silverman and Salman Rushdie praised his written work.


Penn hinted to Vogue magazine that he was continuing to write. But we don’t know for sure if it will be a Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff sequel. Sean Penn stirred up critics and readers and more than likely he will continue to do so with his political criticisms in the form of writing.