Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner: From Catering to Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is a businessman from UAE. He is the founder as well as the Chairman of the Board for global property development firm DAMAC Properties. Hussain holds a degree in economics from the University of Washington and began his business career working as a contracts manager in the oil industry with GASCO. In 1982 Hussain entered into the catering business and what began as a modest outfit is now a leader in its industry. His catering operation today manages 200 plus projects and puts out around 150,000 meals per day across the Middle East, Africa and The CIS.


DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 as a developer of commercial, private residential and leisure properties. The company has seen a great expansion in its existence and now operates across Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, North Africa, Jordan and Qatar. The Market Capital of DAMAC Properties is valued at $4.7 billion as of 2017 and the company employs over 2,000 employees. DAMAC Properties also holds the distinction of being the first estate firm from the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company maintains its headquarters in Dubai, UAE and bases its guiding principles on the concept of innovative design, quality and passion. This has helped DAMAC develop some of the most recognizable properties in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan and Qatar.


Outside of his huge businesses successes in the food and real estate industries, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner has a sterling track record in the area of ventures in the equity and global capital markets. Hussain holds venture portfolios of securities in numerous regional and international markets. DICO Investment Co LLC. is Hussain’s primary venture company. DICO focusses its business on private equities, mergers and acquisitions and holds a number of minority and majority assets in companies that are publicly traded. DICO Investment is always on the search for value proposals in local and global spheres of investment.


Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is also a member of numerous boards including Emirates Takaful, Majan University College and JUNO Online. He has a reputation as a dedicated family man and currently resides in Dubai with his wife and children.

AvaTrade Review: The Forex Broker You Should Know About

When it comes to Forex trading institutions, there are plenty to pick from. Plenty. One thing that most people seem to forget is that making the right picks isn’t the only important thing, getting the right brokerage to invest with is important as well. Probably the most famous one out there in Forex is AvaTrade, and this review is going to show the world why AvaTrade is the most recognized name, and probably the best one to use if you are getting started in Forex trading.


One of the major reasons that AvaTrade is great for beginners is its set of tools. Newbies can make use of some of their popular resources such as their free eBooks – one of which is called “Forex Trading Strategies” and it’s amazing – and live market news updates. Another useful tool for members is their economic calendar, which shows updates on daily economic events and upcoming economic events. “Sharp Traders” is another popular tool that they issue which shows what leading Forex traders are doing and why they are doing it.


New clients can start off in various tiers. There is a 21-day demo for those wishing to try the product out. There are also rewards for depositing certain amounts into your Forex account. This is standard in brokerages, but AvaTrade typically gives a little more than its competitors (benefits of being such a large entity). The bonuses range from $40 on a $200 deposit all the way up to a whopping $10,000 on a $50,000 deposit.


Of course, if you are a baller then AvaTrade review has a tier that reflects that. Large time investors – specifically ones who make a single minimum deposit of $100,000 or more – get access to tailored education, fast withdraws, dedicated hotlines, and tons of other goodies in their Ava Select program.


Not all of us have lined pockets, so for those of you that don’t AvaTrade offers plenty of introductory options. You can get started with AvaTrade for as little as a $100 minimum deposit. So, if you are considering getting into Forex AvaTrade is a solid option, probably one of the best options on the market currently.

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Jim Larkin: All For Fair Employee Rights

Throughout the world there are many labor unions for just about any trade you have consisting each of many men and women who have a special trade. Have you ever wondered how these unions came to be or what the union workers have to go through to be part of a specialized union. Jim Larkin will give you an idea of some of what had to happen in the early 1900s in the labor unions.


Jim Larkin’s Journey


Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England, in January of 1876 and died in Dublin, Ireland in January 1947. He came from a family who didn’t have much money so as a young boy, he did various jobs to help his family out.


In 1906, Larkin was elected the General Organizer for the National Union of Deck Laborers (NUDL). During the next two years he recruited over 2,700 men to become members of this union.


In 1907, after being transferred to Dublin, Jim Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. His main goal for creating this union was so all the Irish industrial workers would be in only one organization. It didn’t matter to him if you had any special skills or absolutely none at all.


In 1908, he was suspended by the NUDL after leading three strikes. Jim Larkin formed the Irish Labor Party between the years 1908 and 1913. With this party he was also responsible for leading a series of strikes to get all the employees to be treated fairly.

One of the most memorable strikes was the 1913 Dublin Lockout. With this came eight months of 100,000 or more workers rallying to get the right to fair employment.


In 1924, the Workers’ Union of Ireland was created. Jim Larking was also able to secure recognition from Communist International during this year.


Overall, Jim Larkin was a man who believed in people being treated fairly and he did what he could to make sure union workers were getting treated like they should be.

Why Gregory Aziz Chose National Steel Car

Business has always been an important part of Gregory James Aziz’s career. Gregory James Aziz knows what businesses are successful and knows what it takes to ensure they continue being successful. He knows there are things people can use that will help them through different things and knows what everything will do to make things easier on people. For Gregory Aziz, the point of running a successful business is giving everyone the things they need no matter how hard they have to work. It is his goal to always give back and always give people everything that makes sense on their own.


1While Gregory James Aziz spends time trying to help people, he also feels there are things he can do that allow him to continue making things better on his own. It’s his way of showing people what they can do and showing them that they can get better. For Gregory James Aziz, the point of the business continues growing and continues making sense. As long as he’s doing everything he can, Gregory Aziz feels good about it. He also feels the company can continue seeing positive parts of the industry as long as he’s leading it in the right direction.


When Greg Aziz took over as the CEO of National Steel Car; a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., he knew there were a lot of changes he had to make. If Greg Aziz was going to make National Steel Car better, he had to prepare different options for the company. It gave him a chance to expand his business knowledge while also helping the company that is so important to him. For Gregory Aziz, the point of doing all this is giving the clients what they need. If his customers can get a better steel car experience from everything he offers, he’ll feel better about the things he has.


National Steel Car is now much better than what it was before. Gregory Aziz spent a lot of time building the company up and making it successful. He also learned about all the ways he could make sense of everything going on in the company. No matter what Gregory Aziz did, National Steel Car always came first. He had a lot of faith in the company and chose it as something he knew would make sense to himself. He also knew there were things that would allow him to continue working hard on his own no matter what issues happened to him.  See This Page for additional information.

Current Trends In End Citizens United Over Supreme Court Decision

End Citizens United is a nonprofit political action group that is funded by donors in the United States. Its focus is on electing finance reformers who would campaign to overturn the citizens united. This group is located in the heart of United States, in Washington, District of Columbia.

End Citizens United was founded on March 1, the year 2015 and up-to-date, it is operational. It has a rough estimate of 11-50 employees. End Citizens United is also known as the ECU. In the year 2010, the Supreme Court in the United States made a firm decision that influenced the changes in politics. They tabled the idea of allowing groups with special interest and wealth to use the money in the United States elections. This move was to bring in accountability in the political world in the United States. End Citizens United’s main role is to minimize the effect of corporate dollars in the political campaigns. The mission thereof is to end any big money in political campaigns, and electing a responsible campaign finance team of champions to spearhead the state ballot measures and bring the matter to a national level.

It is important to note that campaigning is costly and that is why the End Citizens United comes into place to regulate the matter. What ECU does, is to bring together voters who are of the same mind to pool together finances, hence promoting campaign finance reforms. End Citizens United uses a solid strategy of preventing increased contributions from few corporations which receive donations from thousands of citizens. They have a big goal of raising $35 million within the 2018 cycle. This contribution comes from every person with an average amount of $14.

End Citizens United has active members from every state in the United States. Moreover, they are committed to endorsing firm candidates whom they believe support the ECU noble cause. It has endorsed senators like Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand whom they believe demonstrated leadership skills and roles. Through a press statement, Tiffany Muller, the ECU president, thanked Senator Booker and said that the entire ECU group looks forward to working with him. Their daily devotion and partnerships are focused on reforming the broken political system in people’s common needs. Kirsten Gillibrand is the other individual that took a firm oath in advocating the transparency in the political process. Gillibrand announced that the influence of money in politics should be minimized and many voters agreed with that.

Gregory Aziz: President Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a businessman. He is a president, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of company, National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz is a philanthropist, a leader, a family man , and has a big heart. He enjoys going to horse shows which his daughter, Karina, regularly competes in. He supports the Royal Agricultural Fair of Canada, Canadas’s biggest Agricultural Fair of the year. He and his wife and both of his daughters enjoy attending activities like this around Canada. They are a very close family.

Greg’s company, National Steel Car, is also rooted in philanthropy. Greg ensures it donates profits to programs such as the Salvation Army and food drives around Canada. He also sponsors programs such as the Aquarius Theater and the Hamilton Opera.

Greg has taken opportunities his whole life and made them his own. He partnered with his family in their food business, Affiliated Food, and helped them distribute wholesale fresh market foods in the country and out of it. He even helped them reach parts of the United States, Europe, and South America. He was a part of their success for many years until he decided it was time for a change. View More Information Here.

He moved to New York where he found a job in banking. He did very well for a long time. He then made the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994. It was here he earned his reputation as a leader and an astute businessman. He built his business up into something worth investing in. He increased production from 3,500 rail cars a year in 1994 to 12,500 in the year 1999. He increased the number of employees from six hundred to three thousand. Greg invested everything he had into National Steel Car and in the end it paid off very much.


Today National Steel Car is recognized for the TTX SECO award as the company is continuously decertified. The company is known for safety, efficiency, quality, and meeting deadlines. It is most known for its commitment to its customers. Gregory James Aziz ensures his company always puts its customers first and invests his time and energy along with a lot of money into ensuring it stays this way. Greg Aziz has promised of National Steel Car to always honor past tradition, to be resilient, and to always lead the way. With his positive attitude and strong work ethic, it is no doubt National Steel Car will be paving the way for years to come.


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Bradesco Will Announce A New President To Lead The Company, Confirmed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Bradesco one the largest financial services companies in Brazil, has been undergoing many changing in the last few years, and this has caused a little worry among the people in the financial industry. Lazaro Brandao will be retiring from the council’s Board of Directors after 27 years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be stepping down as President of Board of Directors and leaving a vacancy in the both the vice president position and the president positions. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme has been named the new vice president of the council. Octavio de Lazari Junior will assume the presidency, which will be made official at the AGO meeting schedule for March 2018. Bradesco’s recent acquisition of HSBC has created more speculation as to what the future plans will look like.

The incumbent president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been with Bradesco since 1969. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started out with the company as a bank teller in Marilia, which is also the same city Bradesco was founded in 1943. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went to Sao Paulo and worked his way to being the Director of Marketing. Prior to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi leading the marketing at Bradesco, the company was not as open to the media, nor open about sharing insight as to the daily business details. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi changed this culture, and switched to creating a more transparent relationship with the media. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be the Executive Director and President of the pension division at Bradesco, a title he held from 1992 to 1998. In 1999, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was named the Vice President, in 2003 he was appointed President, and until 2005, he was also the Chief Executive or Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi confirmed the appointment of Octavio de Lazari Junior as the next president of Bradesco. Octavio de Lazari Junior earned his Graduate degree in Economics from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Osasco. Octavio de Lazari Junior began working with Bradesco in 1978, when he eventually was promoted to Agency Manager. Octavio de Lazari Junior eventually moved to the credit sectors of the company, where he focused on small and medium sized companies. Octavio de Lazari Junior also focused more resources on retail segments. In 2010 Octavio de Lazari Junior would take the role of Department Director of Loans and Financing, and in 2012 he’d be appointed to the Board of Director Officers. By 2017, Octavio de Lazari Junior would become Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros Group. Mr. Octavio de Lazari Junior will officially be announced as president during the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO), scheduled for March 12 2018. Despite this impressive academic and professional track, surprisingly there was some pushback from some of the board members about appointment of Octavio de Lazari Junior as the next president. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme was confirmed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the next vice president, since he would be stepping down from the vice president position also.

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U.S. Money Reserve Helps Raise over $219,000 for Hurricane Relief

U.S. Money Reserve and the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) have partnered to raise over $219,000 in donations for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. U.S. Money Reserve, a precious metals distributor based in Texas, matched all donations made last September to the Austin Disaster Relief Network’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which had set up a YouCaring site on the web. All funds that were raised went directly to the victims of the storm all along the Texas gulf coast.


Money Reserve’s CEO, Angela Koch, was quoted as saying that she felt that it was their patriotic duty to help out their fellow Texans and the company was proud to support ADRN and do whatever they could to support the recovery initiatives. She further noted that it was obvious that it would take a tremendous amount of resources to rebuild from such a disaster and this was their way of doing what they could to contribute. Daniel Geraci, the Executive Director of the ADRN, expressed his appreciation and mentioned the high number of lives these donations will affect. He too, mentioned the huge amount of resources that would have to be utilize to subsidize the relief response, and that businesses like U.S. Money Reserve were instrumental in meeting this resource demand.


Category Four Hurricane Harvey hit Texas three different times in late summer, 2017, dropping over two feet of rain in the first day alone. By September 1st, a third of Houston was totally flooded. Nearly 40,000 people were displaced and shelters were often overwhelmed. The efforts of companies like U.S. Money Reserve in partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and others, are making a significant positive impact in the recovery effort.


U.S. Money Reserve is a premier distributor of U.S. government-issued precious metals. In the last sixteen years, the company has grown to become among the world’s largest private distributors of precious metals legal tender products. With hundreds of thousands of clients, the company specializes in U.S. gold and silver coins.


The Austin-based company also performs coin and precious metal research in order to provide highly profitable products for their clients.


Securus Technologies on Disconnecting Cell Phone in Correctional Facilities

Securus technologies are the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. These solutions are geared towards ensuring public safety, correction and monitoring, and investigations. The company recently announced the implementation if a Wireless Containment Solution. This was after Securus launched another technology system that was able to stop the illegal cell phone network from reaching the commercial mobile network. The technology was geared not only to stop the connection but also to give the identity of the contraband cell phone. The information form this provided the correctional facilities with intelligence that helps solve crime in correctional facilities and also prevent them too.

The CEO of Securus Technologies in a statement applauded the US government for taking a proactive stance by making sure that they are preventing authorized communication. The wireless Containments Solutions are imperative to keep the public safe. Securus technologies had deployed the best engineers to come up with the best technology. They have since then been able to come up with a way to control the contraband cellular and wireless devices in persons and all the jails across the different states. There are other provinces who have attempted to do the same in the past but have failed. This was due to the limited technology then and expertise too. This solution will ensure that the inmates are kept safe and also the people who are out in civilization.

According to an article done by NBC Miami, there is an ex-correctional officer who has made it his mission in life to ensure that cell phones are kept away from inmates. He said that when inmates access to cell phones, they are going to be a significant danger to the community. His name is Robert Johnson. He was an officer at the Lee correctional facility. He has been working in correctional facilities for 15 years, and his leading role was a correction of contraband. This made his life to be put in danger to the extent of him being shot when he was at home. He was shot six times in his chest and also in his stomach. His doctors warned his wife to be ready for the worst.

He has since then gone through 23 surgeries and is in a lot of pain daily. This, however, has not stopped him from his mission. He still aims to prevent crimes by not having inmate access to cell phones. Inmates have been known to order kits from the prison. This is made possible by having a cell phone. There was once a murder of a nine-month baby, which was ordered from jail because the uncle did something that the person in prison did not like. Johnson had since testified at the Federal Communications Commission when they had a hearing on how they should control contraband that gets in the prisons. The Securus Technology was enabled by the FCC who disconnected the inmate’s cell phones.


Clayton Hutson Raises the Bar for Production Companies Worldwide

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer that has worked in the entertainment industry and specializing in perfecting sound quality. He’s well known to be very considerate of the artist, the message they are sharing, and making sure that the sound quality and live performance experience is always at its best.


Hutson spent many years working for other sound engineering companies and producing as a Project Manager but ended up veering out into his own company searching for the fulfilment he wasn’t achieving under others supervision. The years of experience and training guided him into entrepreneurship and gave him the freedom to direct entertainment production under his careful care and consideration.


Bravely entering into a brand company during a recession, Hutson took his leap of faith to pursue his personal dreams and aspirations.


His most recent endeavor has been working with Kid Rock starting at 6:30AM every day. He takes pride in attending work before anyone else arrives to ensure that when they do, everything will be prepared to ensure a smoothly running day. Hutson explained that his morning consists of reviewing schedules, walking through the stage, making sure that items are stored and to-do lists are completed. Learn more:


During the live show he further simplifies the responsibilities of all workers by preparing a plan on how to most efficiently break down the venue and assist the artist in moving to the next place for yet another amazing live show.


Wowing the clients and audience is always Hutson’s goal, and to assist him in achieving this feat he stays up to date on the newest pieces of technology and how to utilize it for the live-shows benefit. One of the things he’s noticed over the years is how the technology has increasingly become lighter, more compact, and technologically efficient to use. Another joy he’s had the opportunity to experience is managing and assisting in shows like Lady GaGa and Pink where there is a great deal of acrobatics, aerial stunts, and exciting light shows.


Checking, double checking, and triple checking one last time is something Hutson accredits to making sure that his endeavors as an entrepreneur doesn’t go by the wayside. He’s gone as far as to test the aerial ribbons for Pink’s show so that no one else would be hurt incase of any issues. He definitely puts his crew, team, and artists ahead of himself in ensuring that everyone succeeds.